The white lotus season 3 release date: renewed or canceled


The white lotus season 2 has just finished and now, the fans are waiting for the makers to launch the next season for the white lotus, season 3! After the end of season 1, fans got the continued storyline and still the story has not ended yet and so, there are a lot of chances that fans are going to get the white lotus season 3! 

However, there are a lot of criteria that are to be followed before launching any new season of web series on Netflix. One of them is that the popularity of any web series is checked and the white lotus has already passed this criterion. Fans are always waiting for any new updates for their favorite show and so we are here with a write-up that is going to assist the white lotus fans to know everything about the upcoming season, the white lotus season 3! 

The White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

Since there are no any official notices about the cancellation or even the renewal of the white lotus season 3, and so there are no any release dates either! But, there are chances where fans can expect to get the new season at the end of this year or even at the time of the new year, 2023! Since there is no any date of release from the maker’s side so these are just the highest probability for the release of the white lotus season 3!

The White Lotus – What to Expect in Season 3?

It is a pattern for this series, the white lotus that the seasons are released in the winter and so, fans can wait for the winter to arrive and to get the next season for their favorite web show,” the white lotus”. 

The white lotus season 2 was shot in the areas of Italy and for the next season, the white lotus season 3, fans can expect to watch the scenes in Italy. Fans can expect to watch the same faces in season 3 and there can be chances that makers will cast some new faces too! 

With new faces, there can be some chances that makers will put a lot of twists in season 3! There is a high chance that the storyline will be continued from season 2 and any latest updates about the next season will be updated to the fans!


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