The Voice 2021 Season 20 Winner: Prediction Voting Results for The Winner and Runner Up Favor These Two Contestants!

The voice 2021 winner runner up top 5 season 20

‘The Voice’ Season 20 will be drawing its curtains on Monday, the 24th of May. The five finalists of ‘The Voice’ Season 20 will get one last chance to show their prowess and get one step closer to becoming the title winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 20. The audience are excited to understand the prospects of their favorite contestants becoming the winner through multiple unofficial predictions. 

‘The Voice’ Season 20 Top 5 Contestants

  • Cam Anthony (Team Blake Shelton)
  • Rachel Mac (Team Nick Jonas)
  • Victor Solomon (Team John Legend)
  • Kenzie Wheeler (Team Kelly Clarkson)
  • Jordan Matthew Young (Team Blake Shelton)

‘The Voice’ Season 20 Voting Results and Winner Predictions

‘The Voice’ Season 20 is headed for an epic season finale episode. Team Blake holds an edge over the rest of the judges as he features two contestants. However, Cam Anthony is a frontrunner for the probable winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 20. It will be interesting to see if Nick Jonas can brew his first title in ‘The Voice’ Season 20 as he will be replaced by Ariana Grande next season.

  • Cam Anthony is a clear favorite to win ‘The Voice’ Season 20 according to major voting results and social media discussions. However, Blake as a coach did not strike a chord with the audience.
  • ‘The Voice’ Season 20’s best performances featured Cam Anthony’s renditions such as ‘Feeling Good’
  • Kelly’s fight to win Kenzie Wheeler onto her team worked wonders until now. Kenzie did not feature sensational performances like Sam but is he a fighter who will go deep into the final competition.
  • There is a clear task cut out for Rachel as the final top 5 features just one female contestant. Though she is not on the top of the mind of the audience when it comes to choosing the winner, she could chalk up a surprise in the ‘The Voice’ Season 20 finals.
  • Victor is one of the strongest performers in ‘The Voice’ Season 20. However, the intense competition and popularity of Cam might not work in his favor.
  • Jordan chalked up a last-minute entry into the final top 5. However, there is more hope for the rest of the finalists when it comes to his possibility of winning ‘The Voice’ Season 20.


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