The New PUBG Update 30 is a Game Changer


If you are a PUBG lover then the new update will thrill you to the fullest. On the 19th of June the update #30 was dropped on the test server. This particular update has so much to offer that one cannot turn away. With time it is believed now that the game is more about strategy and planning. In this update we can find new weapons, new vehicles, better UI and off course bug fixes. Let us start with the revelations one by one.

PUBG Update #30 New Vehicle BRDM-2

The New Vehicle BRDM-2

We all have been saved by the armoured UAZ from the flare drops to rush into the safe zone. It is time now to change and upgrade the vehicle. A new vehicle called BRDM-2 is going to be introduced in the game. Its total HP is 2500 points and rest of the features are similar to UAZ. One cannot shoot while inside the vehicle and its tire are bulletproof. The vehicle is available on all maps and can be obtained through the flare gun only.


The Lethal Deagle is here!

For all the fans who were missing the Deagle let me tell you all your prayers have been heard. This new weapon can be found on any map. The new weapon will have .45 bullets with a damage of 62 per shot. The best part is that one can use both red dot sight as well as holographic sight for this weapon.

The Ledge Grab is No More a Glitch

Another amazing update that has found its way to players’ heart is the ‘ledge grab.’ Now players can grab the ledges of the houses and buildings. This will not only help them in better attacking but also in escaping difficult situations. While the developers’ team is still working on this, this update is very useful and easy to use.

The Bursting Gas Can

Have you ever wondered that the gas can be used more than just for refilling the vehicles? Guess what, your wish is now true. Now one can turn simple gas cans into bursting throwables that will damage the enemies nearby. The execution of this feature is crucial because if not handled properly, you might end up hurting your teammates and myself.

The new update is seen to have much more buying options with the BP. If you are tired of using the BP for the same old goodies then here is the good news. It is believed that the new update will have more options in shop and elsewhere to spend your precious BP.

Apart from all these major updates one can find improvements in the UI and major bugs that have been solved once and for all. There is also a major step taken for communication between global players. If you like playing this game then this perfect update is worth everything.



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