The green glove gang season 2 release date: Renewed or Cancelled?


The Netflix series Green glove gang is based on a group of three elderly female thieves that hide in a tranquil nursing home after an unsuccessful attempt at theft. This Polish series is about their adventures surrounding their operations, mere escape, finding frightening truths and so much more while the cops are around them. Audiences loved the plot of an unsuccessful heist and how the protagonists cope with the uncovering of sinister secrets while being hidden in the nursing home. 

Now the question arises after a successful season will the makers consider making season two of this interesting plot? And if makers have already decided to give this series a season two when can the fans expect the release date for it?

Thus, we are here to answer all your questions and we will try to counter all the doubts regarding this series so that you can be all set for it.

The Green Glove Gang Season 2: Release Date 

As far as the official reports are concerned Netflix has yet not addressed the issue of whether it will get a season two or not. But fret not even though the official updates suggest no signs of another season ultimately it all comes down to the response that it gets from audiences and if the rating of this drama satisfies the makers they might end up giving this series another season. 

Also as the viewers might have noticed that the drama has an unfinished ending so it intends for another season to wrap up the story. So, we can say that there is still hope for the fans. In the end, we all have to wait until Netflix officially decides to renew this drama. 

The Green Glove Gang Season 2: What to Expect?

As we know season one of this polish thriller revolves around the three female protagonists who are burglars. The gang consists of Zuza, Kinga, and Alicja who constantly conduct successful heists and battle the authorities regularly.  

At the end of the series, we get an open ending as the cops try to capture them by placing moles within the nursing home but they escape successfully.  The series ends at a cliffhanger as the protagonists are deceived by the one who helps them to escape and cops are persistent to capture them thus dispatching a team to stop them. So, we can expect the series to continue from this point on in season two. Well, it all comes down to what the makers think the storyline might be. We might even get to see the character’s background stories. There are so many possibilities but we will constantly update the fans regarding this drama. 


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