The Family Man Season 3: Potential Release Date, Story line and Plot Revealed?


Amazon Prime Video’s jittery year marred by controversies finally showed some positive signs. ‘The Family Man Season 2’ released amidst potential drama and controversy surrounding the ‘Tamizh Eelam’ storyline. However, the production team and the stellar cast pulled off an amazing season for the ‘The Family Man’ franchise which increased the buzz around The Family Man Season 3’s release.

An amazing set of the cast including Samantha, Manoj Bajpayee, and Priyamani ensured the success of ‘The Family Man Season 2’. The plot revolved around the iconic ‘Tamizh Eelam’ struggle and shed light on the gruesome war crimes in Sri Lanka. However, the Family Man Season 2 opened to criticism from the Tamizh population as expected. Thankfully to the makers, it was not strong enough to pull down the much-awaited season.

‘The Family Man Season 3’ Plot and Production Updates

According to reports, the storyline of ‘The Family Man Season 3’ is ready and Manoj Bajpayee revealed some details about the potential timelines. The actor revealed the possibility of screenplay and direction commencing soon after the lockdown restrictions are removed. It is confirmed that ‘The Family Man Season 3’ plot is ready.

Towards the end of ‘The Family Man Season 2’, the cliffhanger reveals a potential Chinese touch to the third season. There will also be a focus on the fringe groups in the North-Eastern states of India like Arunachal Pradesh.

‘The Family Man Season 3’ Release Date

While it is too early to predict a potential release date, the potential release date of ‘The Family Man Season 3’ will be in September 2022. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is still at large and might wreak havoc at any point in time. The second season reflected the excitement around the ‘The Family Man’ franchise. As a result, Amazon Prime Video and the production team will look forward to resuming shooting for the third season.



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