Thalapathy Vijay Coronavirus Donation Details – Donated 1.30 Crores for various Covid 19 relief organisations

thalapathy vijay corona fund

There were many allegations against Thalapathy Vijay that he has not donated for Coronavirus affected people while all other actors have donated in tune of few lakhs to crores which includes Superstar Rajinikanth, Kamal Haassan, Raghava Lawrence, Thala Ajith and so on. Some of the Ajith fans have even started trending some abusive words in Twitter against Thalapathy Vijay as he has not donated for Coronavirus relief organisations.

Now the details about Thalapathy Vijay’s donation have released and in total he has donated around 1.30 crores for various organisations

  • 25 Lakhs for PM relief fund
  • 50 Lakhs for Tamil Nadu CM relief fund
  • 10 Lakhs for Kerala CM relief fund
  • 25 Lakhs for FEFSI
  • 5 Lakhs for Karnataka CM relief fund
  • 5 Lakhs for Andhra CM relief fund
  • 5 Lakhs for Telangana CM relief fund
  • 5 Lakhs for Pondicherry CM relief fund

Apart from this some unspecified amounts are distributed to fan clubs directing them to help the needy in their respective areas.


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