Thala Ajith cycling photos goes viral on social media, #ThalaCycling trending on Twitter

Thala Ajith Cycling

While the movie ‘Valimai’ starring Thala Ajith, is in full swing, Ajith’s fans are constantly asking for an update on the movie. It is expected that an update of the ‘Valimai’ film will be released soon.

However, it is known that news about Ajith is going viral on social media from time to time, and it is becoming a trend. It is noteworthy that even recently, Ajith shooting club photos went viral on social media. Following this, photos of Ajith cycling are going viral on social media. This photo shows Ajith cycling in the northern Indian states.

A person who cycled with Ajith mentioned on his social media site that he was amazed to see Ajith’s ability to ride a bicycle and that he was involved in this exercise with a sense of commitment and cycled about 3000 km with him. This information and Ajith’s cycling photos are currently going viral.

Ajith is already an expert in bike racing, car racing, aero modeling, photography, cooking, and focusing on shooting for the past few years. #ThalaCycling is now trending on Twitter.



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