Terra-Core Balance Trainer from Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 8 – Uses, Reviews and Unknown Facts

terra-core shark tank

Terra-Core Balance Trainer is a portable weight-loss gym equipment which is compact and fits in our room. It was featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 8 which was aired on Sunday November 17 2019. The Terra-Core combines tools for resistance training, aerobic training and functional training for everyone from beginners through advanced fitness trainers.

Terra-Core Uses and Benefits

  • Terra-Core Balance Trainer BENEFITS are scientifically proven to ENGAGE 4 TIMES MORE MUSCLE GROUPS than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface.
  • The Terra Core is designed to WORK BY ITSELF or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES.
  • The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY.
  • It’s also perfect as an AEROBIC STEP or for CROSSFIT EXERCISES.
  • As a WEIGHT LOSS TOOL, the Terra Core is unrivaled. It is OPTIMAL for doing CRUNCHES, BUILDING ABDOMINAL MUSCLES, shoulder muscles and leg muscles
  • Many yoga studios use this product for SEVERAL POPULAR YOGA POSES

Terra-Core Founder and Unknown Facts

  • Greg Nigro is the co-founder of Terra-Core
  • Greg Nigro is a long-time leader in the fitness industry and co-founder of Terra-Core Fitness
  • The Terra-Core was developed by Greg and the rest of the team at Terra-Core Fitness who had spent years selling a wide range of larger exercise equipment
  • Their customers wanted a smaller, more affordable piece of equipment to use at home or in group fitness classes, and the Terra-Core was produced to fill that need
  • How Terra-Core Works to burn fat?
    • Terra-Core is an air-filled, core-busting, balance-building machine. One side is an inflatable rubber dome with a wide, level surface for standing, lying down and kneeling
    • The other side is flat molded plastic with handles and side bars for performing push-ups, burpees and weighted exercises and on which to mount resistance bands that will not pinch, pull or break.
    • Use the Terra-Core on the ground with either the air bladder or flat side facing up. When properly inflated, the air bladder provides an even surface so that your feet will remain relatively level for proper knee, hip and core mechanics.
    • The length allows most people to lie comfortably on the surface of the bladder, both head and lower back supported, to perform free-weight exercises.
    • Every motion and movement on this unique surface is enhanced—sitting, standing, jumping around. Whatever you do fires up four times as many muscle groups, which translates to more calories burned.

    Terra-Core Reviews

    These are the reviews from Amazon about Terra-Core Balance Trainer

    I had very high hopes but I’m a little sad. I have been using a Bosu ball for about ten years and love it so much. I found out about Terra Core and purchased one after much video watching and deliberation $$$! I bought it from Amazon May 14, 2017, received it on the 18th. I like the functionality a lot BUT it keeps losing air. I have to REinflate it every single day. Is this normal? My Bosu gets much more action and never loses air. The only time I’ve ever had to inflate it was after we intentionally deflated it for moving homes. I don’t remember the last time I had to inflate it b/c of a leak. The Terra Core has hardly been stepped on to be honest. I even tried the extra plug that it came with but every day using the measuring tape, it shows that it is losing air significantly. Is this a defect?? I feel like I got a lemon. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    UPDATE 6.2.17:
    I reached out to Vicore customer service via Facebook messaging and was promptly responded to. Two new plugs were sent and the leaking problem has stopped. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by a “set of resistance bands for the inconvenience” AND a hand written card from the VP of the company! Now this is customer service at its best! Well done! The resistance bands work perfectly with the Terra Core. There are notches along the bottom meant for keeping the bands in place. I just repped out some military presses using the lightest bands (yellow) while standing atop the Terra Core – and I am feeling fatigued, from top to bottom! Multitask and do this while watching your favorite tv show and feel the burn! In fact, add a squat at the bottom and make it a thruster!! 🙂 I could also be tired bc today is supposed to be my rest day and I am still exhausted from yesterday’s workout, LOL. Anyhow, I am very excited to truly begin using the Terra Core to its full potential!


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