Tamilnadu Coronavirus Breaking News: TASMAC Shops to Be Opened from 7th of May Despite Spike in Active Cases in Chennai, Cuddalore!


The prevalence of coronavirus across India is increasing day by day. As a result, states have declared curfews and closed borders. Moreover, local bus, rail and air traffic has been canceled.

Tamilnadu is bearing the brunt of its lacklustre attitude towards lockdown especially in Chennai. What seemed to be a flattened curve has spiked with more than 150+ cases on an average in the last four days. This alarming increase in no cause of worry for the Tamilnadu Government which decided to open up TASMAC (Government run wine shops) across the state. This will come into effect from the 7th of May.

TASMAC Shops will be operated between 10AM to 5PM everyday. Not more than 5 people will be allowed inside at any single point of time. 6 ft distance between 2 people will be a strict regulation. Crowding will be avoided with ample security, promised government officials. TASMAC shops will be open in non containment zones only. However, it is unclear about the extent of damage it could cause in the upcoming days.

After witnessing the shoddy handling of liquor shops opening across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu has to learn its lessons and ensure adequate security is in place.

The total number of active cases in Chennai now stands at 1444 with 266 new cases recorded on the 4th  of May. The total recoveries in Chennai stands at 267.


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