Tamil Nadu government launches a new website for Non Residential Tamilians to return back to India – nonresidenttamil.org

Commissionerate of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non Resident Tamils

A new portal for the registration of Non Resident Tamils living abroad and evincing interest to return to Tamil Nadu after the air traffic is restored is started by Tamil Nadu government. Tamil Nadu government has made special arrangements to bring home the Tamils ​​who have been trapped abroad due to coronavirus virus.

The prevalence of coronavirus across India is increasing day by day. As a result, states have declared curfews and closed borders. Moreover, local bus, rail and air traffic has been canceled.

Check how to Apply TN ePass for inter-state, inter-district travel with valid reasons.

As a result, people who work and work abroad and abroad are often unable to move to their hometowns. That way, Tamil Nadu people in various states are trapped. The central government yesterday allowed the repatriation of overseas workers to their home states for more than a month. To this end, the Union Railway Ministry is said to have developed a plan to run 400 special trains per day.

In the meantime, a website has been created on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu to bring home the people who are stranded in foreign countries. Tamils ​​who wish to return home from overseas are advised to register on nonresidenttamil.org.

How to register in Nonresidenttamil.org website

  • The registration is only to ascertain the details of ‘Non Resident Tamils’ who are locked down in different countries due to COVID-19 and for making quarantine arrangements in Tamil Nadu.
  • The data, if required will be shared with concerned Government departments.
  • Click Proceed
  • In the registration form enter your details as in passport, make sure your Surname and given name matches as in passport
  • Enter your Passport details and other personal details like Visa number etc
  • Make sure to mention if you have been tested for Covid 19
  • Also you need to mention if any of your family members tested positive for Coronavirus
  • Mention If On return to your house in Tamil Nadu after proper testing of COVID-19 , do you have a separate room with toilet facilities for self-quarantine?
  • Also You need to select If you are to be quarantined in the interest of your health and of your family members , what would be your choice?
  • Government run centres or Private centres
  • Add other family member details if there are any and register


    • Good, government is taking initiative to bring back all Tamilians who wanted to come back to Tamil Nadu due to Covid 19

  1. I need to go back to India.. I have visited Boston on tourist B2 visa. Six months time expired.

  2. I need to go back to India along with my husband Paramasivam Elamperuvazhuthy. Our permitted stay period expired on 15/04/2020.

    • Please fill your details in the portal. They will definitely help you out.. Make sure to fill in the correct details.

  3. I m leaving in Georgia ,doing my mbbs course and I filled they portal form .they gave one reference number what I should do with that number . I wanna come back to Tamil Nadu .

    • @Saranya Government will contact you once they collect all data regarding extraction to Tamil Nadu

  4. Sir, I am basically from Kerala, my family settled in Chennai. I came from chennai to qatar in a job visa and now jobless due to covid 19. So I want to comeback to chennai when flights are started. Can I join this portal?

    • If you are settled in Tamil Nadu I guess you can fill this form, Similar efforts are taken by Kerala too. Check their portal. Special flights will be arranged to bring back Indians to India as directed by state and central government

    • Hi, have applied for pass using this portal but didn’t get any details like registration number or application number.kindly help.

  5. I’m a one only one son for my mother and father now they sick by diabetes and thyroid, No one to care my family
    So I want to go to care my family

  6. We are going to my juorny i have a family me and my wife son sai my house owner she is saying i have a deposit money i have a not money pleasee help me i have goo my jurney

  7. Can anyone say me the path for filling the form/ portal… because I dnt see any portal or form filling on the following link at non resident Tamil.org ….pls anyone can explain the steps or procedure.

  8. I want to go my native place in pondicherry..i was in Chennai for doing job because of corona no job till now i managed but i can’t live without seeing my parents please help me sir…

    • Inter-state travel is restricted till 17th May but state government is taking efforts to bring back people to Tamil Nadu

  9. I have my own car . Can I travel to coimbatore form pondicherry. Will there be any restrictions for it pls. Relay me soon

  10. I want to return from kerela..to Tiruppur with my family.
    Because of tomorrow onwards my office start work with 30% staffs… Pls help.

  11. My nagative place tamil nadu tenkasi i am working in secanderabad Balanagar my company colsed in mar22 please help me going to tamilnadu tenkasi 9653145006

  12. After clicking submit the page returns back to the same form filling again, didn’t get any acknowledgement or receipt number – checked in mail and text message too d. Tried on different computers and mobile too.. it’s the same.. This is not working. I’m from other State Bangalore, Karnataka and wish to return Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, So I tried “Tamils living in the other States who wish to return to home land”

  13. I am working theni hills thevaram border kerla sathurangaparai wind form , company provied the stay house poopara in kerla, company name korma energy ltd , south head office udumalpet, native tirunelveli, my father 2017 accident ,my father not waking ,father medical check up, and medicine taken, my child 3nos ,child feelings ,

  14. Can anyone confirm ,that after submitting the details , any confirmation msg is coming on given mobile number by TN govt. Or no??

    • Tamilnadu triuppur chinnakkarai me fasi hi humara family hi hum Uttar Pradesh Jana chahti hi please help me 9500376616

  15. Tamilnadu triuppur chinnakkarai me fasi hi humara family hi hum Uttar Pradesh Jana chahti hi please help me

  16. I am in UAE and want to return to India, Tamil Nadu. please advise how to register for the same


  18. Ghazipur u.p Jana chahte Hain 2/18 kanapam street santinagar ramapuram Chennai 600089. Mobile number _7899243224

  19. Sir i have received a confirmation message after submitting my register…and also with that message i got a reference number…what shall i do next?

  20. Hi . I am in Muscat and want to return Tamil nadu. I already registered here. I want to know whether I can stay in my own home in Chennai during quarantine after I return there. This house is independent and no body is there now. How much we need to pay if it is necessary to stay in government allotted houses?

  21. Hi
    Ramkrushna jena. I’m staying in Chennai. Tamil Nadu. I want to go to odisha. I have done the registration.and I got a conformation rtos no also.but one of my friends he got call form police station to go for helth checkup.and finally today he is going to odisha. So when I will get a call sir. Please help us.sir


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