‘Swing Star’ from Good Job Games Slingshots Past 10 Million Installs on iOS Worldwide

swing star

‘Swing Star’ is one of the most trending and addictive games of 2019, they have a huge fan base owing to their simple and easy playing controls on a mobile platform. Good Job Games have kept the user engaged by providing more than 100 challenging levels. Here are some of the user reviews which proves they are worthy to play –

I’m enjoying the game, but in certain situations it’s very glitchy. Please move the skip button, it’s in the main playing area. If you’re not careful you’ll accidentally hit the button saying you want to skip the level. Or make so you can replay any level. – A T Robinson

Now they have surpassed 10 million downloads and this is an astonishing figure provided the game was made available on iOS store on November 9, 2018.

We at TheNewsCrunch decided to try the game and even made some of our authors to try it. We found the game extremely easy, it’s basically Catch, Swing, Glide, but got us hooked. One of our authors even surpassed 50 levels and we enjoyed it thoroughly. There is even an internal bet among our writers to see who would reach the 100th level first. I hope it keeps our readers hooked as well. The game is available for both Android and iOS and you can download them from the respective stores with a simple search.

Another game which we are looking forward to play is Wordscapes.


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