Surjith Live Update – Surjith is alive medical team has confirmed at 10:50 am on 27th October 2019, Rescue operation in full swing

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
Here is a breaking news about Surjith Rescue operations, this is a good and hopeful news for those who are praying for safe rescue of Surjith. The medical team has confirmed now that Surjith is alive at 10:50am on Sunday 27th October 2019, the rescue operation is in full swing on war-front mode.

Six firefighting commandos are selected to do the rescue operation of getting into the adjacent borewell which is being dug now. Oxygen tanks and other supplies are ready for the firefighters and they modus operandi is being discussed meticulously. As of now 30ft are dug in the adjacent bore by the rig machine from ONGC. Since it has too many rocks the digging operation is being done at a slow pace. Since Surjith is staying alive which has been confirmed from the thermal readings received, the rescue operations are resumed with more hope.

The rescue operation is expected to be completed by afternoon as they’re planning to dig 110 ft bore and a side digging process will continue then to rescue Surjith. #savesujith #surjith is trending worldwide, stay tuned for updates!!


  1. Prayer from kuwait. On this auspicious day, let us all pray together for the well being and safety of the boy. He will RISE. Lets pray for the boy.

  2. Rangiyam karupar thunai…

    I am very sure and confident that the boy sujith will be fine and safe…
    Prayers of millions people has been through…
    Still on going…
    Once he is safe …then only the diwali celebration will start…


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