Suresh Chakravarthy to enter Bigg Boss house as a guest, will he support Aari?

Bigg Boss Suresh Chakravarthy re-entry

Fans have been asking the question as to why Suresh Chakravarthy and Anitha were not the only ones present as evicted contestants have been coming as special guests for the last two days on the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

Suresh Chakravarthy posted on his social media sites that he was saddened that the channel management did not invite him and that is why he did not re-enter the house as guest. In this situation, shortly after Netizens started roasting the channel management, Suresh said on his social media site that the channel management had heard their voice and had received an invite to re-enter BB house.

Suresh’s good news is that he is likely to go to the Bigg Boss house today or tomorrow. Aari’s fans have been urging him to congratulate Aari on this situation, to comfort the mentally debilitated Aari, and to tear off the masks of those who are still pretending to be lying.


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