Suresh Chakravarthy enters Bigg Boss house, will he support Aari or Balaji for BB Title?

Suresh Chakravarthy Bigg Boss entry

As the Bigg Boss show has been going on for the last week, it is known that the evicted contestants have been coming as special guests since Monday, the first day of this week, and they have made the Bigg Boss house more energetic and interesting for the audience to watch.

The Bigg Boss house has become lively due to all the contestants playing the tasks that Bigg Boss gives them. However, the audience believes that the absence of Suresh Chakravarthy in this celebration is a major setback.

According to reports from his tweet, Suresh Chakraborty was not called by the Bigg Boss team, and he felt insulted for not being invited as all the other contestants. According to reports, Suresh has been given permission to enter the Bigg Boss house, and in a few hours, he is expected to go to the Bigg Boss house; and the next promo video will feature scenes of Suresh going inside the Bigg Boss house.

Suresh is expected to enter the BB house and spend time with other contestants as Bigg Boss viewers are eagerly awaiting his arrival. Suresh Chakravarthy, who used to call Balaji his grandson, is now openly supporting Aari for the Bigg Boss title. Will he support Aari or Balaji inside Bigg Boss’ house? We will have to wait and watch.



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