Superstar Singer Finale Winner Leaked October 6- Is Prity Bhattacharjee The Winner of Superstar Singer?

superstar singer winner 2019

The first season of Superstar Singer is coming to an end with two days of celebration on October 6th and 7th with a grand finale. There are totally six contestants shortlisted for Grand Finale and one of them will be titled as the winner of SSS 2019.

Here are the top 6 finalists if Superstar Singer 2019

  • Sneha Shankar (Salman Ali (Captain) )
  • Mauli (Chaitanya) (Nitin Kumar (Captain))
  • Priti Bhattacharjee (Nitin Kumar (Captain))
  • Harshit Nath ((Nitin Kumar (Captain))
  • Ankona Mukherjee (Sachin Kumar Valmiki (Captain))
  • Nishtha Sharma (Sachin Kumar Valmiki (Captain))

Superstar Singer Grand Finale Timings

Of these six one of them will be crowned the winner tonight October 6, 2019 and the celebration starts at 8PM on Sony Entertainment channel.

Superstar Singer Winner Announcement Leaked

According to our latest reports, Prity Bhattacharjee will be the winner of this edition of Superstar Singer. Stay tuned to the News Crunch for more updates.


Prity Bhattacharjee Performances


  1. my favourite cute simple Priti. congratulations
    . my whole family is a great fan of your singing and fantadtic attitude.
    from Sandiego CA USA

    • congratulations . you deserved it. you are a good singer and cute having a very good attitude as well. keep it up God bless you.

  2. Nishith Sharma Please vote for Nishith Sharma I hope you and don’t Cry Nishith Sharma be happy You have Price for you Okay be cool Down ?

  3. Bakwas hai ye sab priti achcha gaati hai but winner to bilkul bhi nahi ho sakti…. My point of view se dekho to sneha and nistha are more and much more deserving contestant

    • I agree with your comments mr J Srivastav,aam public jis ko sangeeth koi knowledge nahi hai, SMS vote kareed key winner ho gai absolutely blumish.In our viewTop-1 Ms Sneha Shankar,2 Ankona & 3 Nishta,thats all
      other are not up to mark

  4. singing is not just about the sur. it is about the positive journey you go with. preeti is very innocent soul and singing is superb.she deserve the trophy. God id still there to give everything what the person deserve. i love you priti are the best.

  5. Sneha Shankar was on another level compared to the rest. She is in the same category as Salman Ali. She really deserved the winners podium. The judges (professional singers) are tasked to do their bit. Why is there so much emphasis on public voting.


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