Super Singer winner Sam Vishal to be a contestant in Bigg Boss 5 Tamil ?

Sam Vishal Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

There are only three days to launch Bigg Boss 5 on Vijay TV. The anticipation of who the celebrities who will be competing will be is touching the peak. It is rumored that super singer Sam Vishal is coming to Bigg Boss 5 as a contestant.

Many celebrities, including Cook with Comali Kani, Vijay TV Jacqueline, Priyanka, Shakeela’s daughter Mila, businesswoman Renuka Praveen, Pavani Reddy, Gopinath Ravi, Iman Annachi, are already on the list with the news that Bigg Boss is coming.

Let’s see depending on whether Sam Vishal is coming to Bigg Boss or not. Only on October 3 will it be officially known who the contestants are.


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