Super Singer Vote – Mufeeda vs Murugan who will be saved? Vote Online

super singer vote

Super Singer season 7 is one of the most watched music reality show in South India and the contestants have a huge fan following, hence everytime there is an elimination people vote to save their favourite contestants. This time it’s Mufeeda Vs Murugan in Super Singer season 7. Each week, a couple of contestants will face elimination and the audience are bound to save their favorite among the two. The online voting procedure for Super Singer 7 is a very simple process. We have our own voting at TheNewsCrunch to see whom our readers and SS7 fans wants to save, Vote below

Who will be saved in Super Singer season 7?


Comment below why you want to save this contestant after voting. Also here is how you can officially vote online

How to Vote Super Singer Season 7 Online

  1. Open Google in your browser and type ‘Super Singer Vote’ (or) ‘Super Singer 7 Vote‘ in the search bar. or Click this link –

PS: Do not open the browser in incognito mode.

  1. The two contestants who are eligible to obtain your votes will be listed as the first search.
  2. Click on the candidate who you wish to vote.
  3. A maximum of 50 votes will be available for each user per day.
  4. Click on the contestant and drag the slider (to a maximum of 50) for the contestant and click Submit.
  5. You can split the votes for each contestant (for instance, you can give 30 votes for one contestant and 20 for the other).
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Your Votes have been successfully submitted to Star Vijay TV.

Super Singer 7 Online Vote Window : Voting Starts on Sunday, 8.30 PM and ends at 12 PM on Tuesday.


  1. I am voteing mama Mookkuthi murugan Avargaluku 150 votes and my friendship circle, family circle all votes Mama Mookkuthi murugan All the best ???

  2. Murugan to continue,he has a good voice.He sings oldies beautifully. No doubt Mufeeda have a melodic voice and she has more chances to get as a playback singer.


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