Super Singer Nithyashree injured during dance rehearsal, video goes viral

Super Singer Nithyashree accident

Super Singer is one of the most popular shows aired on Vijay TV. Both Super Singer Junior and Senior are known to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Nithyashree, who became famous through that Super Singer show and is currently releasing albums singing solo songs, knew that her album was getting a great reception.

In that sense, she recently participated in the shooting of an album. Then a scene was filmed in which some dancers were throwing her, and she was holding a bar above them. Nithyasree fell as she failed to catch the wire while the dancers were throwing her during the shoot. She suffered a head injury and is being treated.

As the video goes viral, she said on her social media page about the accident: “People don’t get to see what really happens behind the shoot and how far artists work towards achieving their picture-perfect moment!

We had an oopsie moment with @_nithyashree, and like every inspiring & hardworking artist, she got up, brushing off the challenges, and carried on like a fierce lioness!
It’s not every day that people speak about the journey behind a success story, but today we wanted to give you a BTS preview to highlight the time & effort put in by artists so we can justify your belief in us!
NOTE: With no shade thrown on my fellow performers, the most difficult choreographies are prone to equally challenging outputs.

The emotional impact this snippet had on me was more than the physical! I’d probably consider this the most painful yet memorable BTS video that made me realize many things. I’m sharing my thoughts here and also giving myself some positive affirmations.

Firstly, how blessed I was to push myself for 25+ plus dance takes & a two-hour-long shoot post Injury! I never realized its impact until I got back home after wrapping up the work and responsibilities as a team leader.
All I could see was WORK.

Secondly, to these Professional dancers and stunt personalities who risk their lives every single time to put forth their best work! What I did was just a one time stunt. I realized the serious and painful impact it causes in one. I can only imagine what courage it takes for them to go back and do this every time!
All I want to do is A BIG SALUTE.

Thirdly, to remain the BOSS LADY that people call me. I will continue to maintain a never-give-up attitude even during difficult times like these. I’ll fall, I’ll keep falling but will always rise back, fight and work harder!
All I want to aim at is my GOAL.

To those who think “Artist life is luxurious,” there’s a severe pain behind every move of ours you see; this is just a minuscule version of that!
Why always social media only for the good & luxury but not for the bad & pain?

Ps~ Receiving a lot of messages & calls across. I’m recovering slowly! Thank you for your love and concern in advance 🙏🏻 MAKE THE PAIN WORTH.🔥”

This post by Nithyashree is currently going viral.


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