Super Singer 8 Vote: Reshma vs Vrusha, Who will get eliminated this week?


Vijay TV is currently airing several popular superhit shows. Super Singer is the show that has captured the minds of the fans through the songs. This is currently the eighth season airing on Super Singer.

Any show, there will be the elimination with the competition. In that category, Reshma and Kabini were selected for elimination in Super Singer 8 last week. Kabini, who received the lowest number of votes from the people, was left from Super Singer 8.

This week two contestants are nominated for elimination. The two contestants are Reshma and Vrusha. These two contestants are in the danger zone, and one of them might get eliminated this weekend. It’s to the viewers who can vote and save one of these contestants. They can give 50 votes, and the voting is opened till tomorrow afternoon.

Super Singer 8 Vote

  • Open Disney+ Hotstar App
  • Search for Super Singer 8
  • Vote for your favorite contestant
  • 50 votes allowed daily

Vote for Reshma or Vrusha, and the contestants with maximum votes will get saved this weekend.


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