Super Singer 8 Finale Voting 24th September: Winner, Runner-Up Leaked Ahead of Grand Finale?

super singer 8 finale week vote results winner
Super Singer 8 finale week voting enters a decisive phase ahead of the much-awaited Grand finale. The top six finalists are in the quest of determining the deserving title winner of Super Singer 8. The Super Singer 8 voting results is a tough fought battle that will decide the title winner, runner-up of the singing reality show.
Super Singer 8 finale week votes will be counted during the grand finale. According to reports, crores of votes will shower upon these deserving finalists.

Super Singer 8 Finalists

  • Anu Anand
  • Sridhar Sena
  • Abhilash
  • Muthu Sirpi
  • Manasi
  • Bharath

Super Singer 8 Vote Procedure

Super Singer 8 How to Vote?

1. Download the Hotstar/Disney + App from the Play/Apple Store. If already downloaded, simply open it.

2. Login with your Hotstar/Disney+ credentials, and enter the app.

3. Search for Super Singer in the search bar, and the voting lines will open.

4. Click on your favorite contestant. Once done you are all set to vote.

5. Submit and you can do this a maximum of 50 times.

Super Singer 8 Finale Week Voting – Super Singer 8 Voting Results

The quest to find the deserving title winner for Super Singer 8 unfolds as the unofficial voting results point to Anu Anand as the title winner. It is a close fight between Sridhar Sena and Muthu Sirpi for the winner and runner-up position of Super Singer Season 8. However, the voting results for the finale week can change based on the contestants’ performances.

Anu was leading the vote share of Super Singer 8 finale week voting in the initial days. However, Sridhar Sena’s triumphant victory and fan following during the wildcard week propels him to the potential winner position. Major unofficial Super Singer 8 finale week voting results project Sridhar Sena as the winner.

  • Sridhar Sena – 1st position
  • Muthu
  • Manasi
  • Anu
  • Abhilash
  • Bharath – Last position among finalists


  1. I believe marks from the judges should compromise 90% of the marks and votes from fans should be converted to 10% of the marks.This would ensure fair play in the final tally.


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