Super Singer 8 Elimination: Sridhar Sena Eliminated, fans are shocked and expressing displeasure on social media

Sridhar Sena elimination Super Singer 8

Super Singer 8 is in its last leg as the Top 8 contestants are fighting hard to take up the Top 5 spots. Only a few more weeks are remaining for the finale, which will occur after the wild card round. Last week, there was no elimination, and Anu Anand won the best performance while KJ Iyenar and Maanasi were at the bottom.

On 7th-8th August 2021, top 8 contestants performed with Vijay TV stars on the Romance Round. In the end, the Top 7 contestants were announced with a shocking elimination of Sridhar Sena. On 31st-1st August 2021, we saw another power-packed performance of our top 8 contestants in the Cinema-Cinema round.

On 24th-25th July 2021, the contestants had a duet with Super Singer past season contestants in the Star Wars special. In the end, Top 8 contestants of this season were announced.

On 17th-18th July 2021, the top 9 Super Singers competed in the Dedication Round. It was followed by a new challenge where singers sang for their family members.

Today’s episode has caused a stir among the audience as Sridhar Sena is considered a strong contestant. His elimination has come as a shocker, but he is expected to return with a strong performance in the wild-card round.

Here are some of the tweets where fans call in unfair and blame the channel for this shocking elimination.

Super Singer 8 Eliminated Contestants List

  • Sridhar Sena Eliminated (8th August 2021)
  • Aravind Karneeswaran Eliminated (25th July 2021)
  • Sudhakar Eliminated (11th July 2021)
  • Vrusha Balu Eliminated (27th June 2021)
  • Balaji Sri Eliminated (16th May 2021)
  • Vanathi Suresh Eliminated(25th April 2021)
  • Kumuthini Pandian Anuradh-UnniEliminated (17th April 2021)
  • Puratchi Mani (3rd April 2021)
  • Reshma Shyam Eliminated(27th March 2021)
  • Kabhini Mithra Eliminated(20th Mar 2021)
  • Kanimozhi Kabilane Eliminated (13th March 2021)
  • Jakkulin Mary Eliminated (6th March 2021)
  • Sushmita Narasimhan Eliminated(27th Feb 2021)

Super Singer 8 Top 7 Contestants

  • Abhilash V
  • Anu Anand
  • KJ Iyenar
  • Maanasi Kannan
  • Adithya Krishna
  • Bharat Rajan
  • Muthu Sirpi




  1. I am lucky i don’t watch Vijay TV at all, most disgusted and pathetic channel, all the best people who watch the Vijay TV.

  2. Something wrong with judges. When manasi, Anu in low mark’s, judges announce No Eliminations.. what actually going on super Singer? Better change the jidges for next session. So many talent judges outside there. Really frush. We all sure Sena will back and Will be title winners, don’t worry judge’s, people Will vote for him.

  3. Only Sena can handle any type of song easily together with dance in this season.When go to stage he becomes great entertainer. Wrong selection of song eliminate him but it’s judges mistake too! 1’st time lower marks in this season make him eliminate! No way! Vijay tv need to drop this elimination!

  4. Totally unfair! Great judges became ungrateful totally.What a finest n unique Singer Sirdha Sena has great potential.. . Its a shame ! .I don’t understand how you all can sleep well.

  5. Sridhar send elimination unfair judgment.
    Vijay TV need only TRP not good singers. This happens from Sai saran season onwards.

    • Judges, Sena’s elimination totally unfair. Are Muthu Sirphi, Anu, Bharat really good.
      Sridhar he a great potential. Stop your favouritism. During elimination judge’s lullaby’s the best about this and that the eliminator. Judges, you’re embarrassing yourself especially judge Anu Radha who will come out with criticism. My sonnn, my babyyy finally sent them to elimination.

  6. Sridhar sena elimination unfair judgment.
    Vijay TV need only TRP not good singers. This happens from Sai saran season onwards.


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