Super Singer 7 Voting Results – Gowtham Vs Sam-Vishal, Who goes to finale?


Super Singer season 7 is having an intense battle during semi-finals with all the contestants performing really well. Voting for Super singer 7 commenced on Sunday 20th October and ended on Tuesday 22nd October at 12:30 Pm. Both Gowtham and Sam-Vishan who are competing against each other for finale received lots of votes and people were eager support them both.

Gowtham Vs Sam-Vishal Super Singer Vote Online Results

Both Gowthm and Sam sang well during Semi-finals, both received lots of votes but only one has to be chose for finale. Sam-Vishan has received around 58% of vote while Gowtham received around 42% of vote. This is a shocker for Gowtham fans as he has always won in voting battles.

Maybe Sam-Vishal fans took it hard and voted a lot for him so that he gets chosen for finale. So the winner of Super Singer 7 Voting is Sam-Vishal.

Do you think Sam-Vishal deserves to win? Vote and comment here.

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  1. Congratulations Bro ? ? let’s u start Rocking performance Keep it up ? No one can Replace ur place take it easy and Positive things u will be Succeed believe ur self bro Give more Rocking and mass
    performance Chear up congrats Rocking boy SamVishal

  2. Vikram won two battles and hence he became the third finalist.Goutham won one battle and Sam Vishal none.So Gowtham should have been declared as the fourth finalist.There is no need for voting.This is afoulplay by Vijay TV. .


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