Super Singer 7 Vote Online – Who is the Super Singer Winner and Runner Up? Vote Below

super singer 7 vote online

Super Singer 7 has reached its final stages with top 5 contestants competing to win the finals. The set finale of Super Singer 7 was aired on 3rd November 2019 where all the contestants gave their best performance and the voting lines are opened till Sunday 10th November 2019 8PM which will be a live event for audience to vote for their favourite contestants. Finale will take place in Coimbatore on 10th November and winners of Super Singer will be announced after that. Since the voting lines are opened till then you have a chance to vote upto 50 times daily for your favourite contestant.

How To Vote For The Super Singer Finale Contestants Online

The finale contestants are

  1. Gowtham
  2. Murugan
  3. Punya
  4. Sam-Vishal
  5. Vikram
  • Go to Google, sign in and search for ‘Super Singer Vote’ (or) ‘Super Singer 7 Vote‘
  • Click on the candidate for who you wish to vote.
  • Select the number of votes (maximum of 50 votes per day).
  • Click Submit.
  • Your votes will be successfully submitted to Star Vijay TV.

Voting in The News Crunch Poll:
Alternatively vote in our voting poll to get results on who will win the Super Singer 7 finals

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Super Singer 7 Voting Results – Winner and Runner Up

As of today these are the Super Singer 7 Voting Results, they may subject to change as the day progress and we will keep everyone updated

  • “Mukuthi” Murugan is Super Singer 7 Winner leading the voting with a healthy margin of 37%, he is famous for wittiness and comical nature. His singing skills cannot be discounted too and is a crowd favourite
  • Sam-Vishal is Super Singer 7 Runner up with 30% vote, 7% behind Murugan and may catch up as he has a lot of youth fans.
  • Punya from UK is Super Singer 7 no. 3 as of today with 13% vote but Vikram is catching up and may overtake her.

What are your views on voting results? Comment below.



  1. கேள்வி ஞானத்தால் பெற்ற இசை ஞானத்தைக்கொண்டு பாமர மக்களை மகிழ்விப்பவர் மூக்குத்தி முருகன் அவர்களே!மற்ற கலைத்திறமையையும் கொண்டவர்.முதல் பரிசைப் பெருபவர் திரு முருகன் அவர்களாகவே இருக்கட்டும்.

  2. விக்ரம் சிறந்த பாடகர் அவர் வெற்றி பெற்றால் தான்சூப்பர் சிங்கர் திறமை உள்ளவர்களுக்கு சரியான இடத்தை தருகிறது என அனைவரும் ஏற்றுக் கொள்வர்

  3. I would like Murugan to win. A person from remote village by his natural ability even not taught any classical music excels in entertaining
    He is the right one deserves to be the winner. Advance wishes Murugan.

    Andrew (United Kingdom)


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