Super Singer 7 Finale Winner – Murugan is the title winner of Super Singer

super singer 7 winner murugan

Super Singer 7 Grand Finale winner is officially announced and the winner is Mukuthi Murugan. People have unanimously voted for Murugan and he has got more 40% of people’s vote and his performance today on 10th November was outstanding and he is undoubtedly the winner of Super Singer season 7. Check who won Super Singer 7 runner-up and third position.

Super Singer Title Winner, Runner Up and Third Place

  • Mukuthi Murugan is officially announced as winner of Super Singer 7
  • Murugan will get a chance to sing in musician Anirudh’s music
  • Murugan also won 50 lakhs worth of house from Arun Exello
  • Vikram is officially announced as runner-up of Super Singer 7
  • Vikram gets 25 lakhs worth of diamond Jewels from Saravana Stores
  • Sam Vishal and Punya is officially announced as third place winner
  • Sam Vishal and Punya also gets to sing in Anirudh’s music

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  1. Murugan dont deserve to be a singer…how can he win? Punya or Vikram is worth to be the winner….What a rip off result as usual.

  2. Competitions like this should be for Indians only. Not for nri’s and others.
    Vijay TV is doing a wonderful job in creating opportunities for Tamils in India and if they keep allowing foreigners to snatch these opportunities it is not fair. Tamil nadu has lots of people with talent and a plethora of potential. Find them and improve their lives instead of throwing it to people who is only using you as a platform. Vanthaarai vale vetchethu pothum. Konjum Unge allengellayum parunge.

      • Well said what, you people don’t travel outside India? None of your family or friends working abroad, what a small minded lot you all are! You wouldn’t mind a non-Tamilian winning, but NO PLACE for a Tamil from overseas, simply because her parents are not from Tamil Nadu!!
        PUNYA WAS THE BEST ALL-ROUNDER, this is not the first time goal post has been moved, so sad.

    • Wow. So, people from other countries don’t have any kind of talent? Talent is universal and being able to bring that talent out to the public is a human right. Don’t discriminate. In my opinion, Punya was one of the best singers this season and she definitely deserves to be the first if not the second.

    • Appreciate your patriotism, however, in this day and age it’s surprising to read such a ridiculous comment! Remember, there are so many Indians operating their businesses outside India, also heading global brands, you should think twice before make such a comment. Only overseas finalist was a Tamil, Sri Lankan from The UK and her performance was exceptional throughout, and I’ve to remind you she’d never faced elimination.
      Only conclusion one can make from your comment is that there’s no place for merit, and looks like like minded people have made you happy and achieved your goal.

    • All IT Jobs taken by Indians that is ok. But, Indians from Abroad should not come and participate in Super Singer or any competition. Punya was the best not because she is from London. Moreover, Murugan did not even bring his wife and his children to the stage and he was only bothered about hooking up with Priyanka. His face was not at all happy as a WINNER nor he was in shock. It was Priyanka who called his wife and children to the stage. Moreover, this guy is having 3 children and a wife sitting down there and he is talking about another mans wife and he is in love with another mans wife. What a JOKE. Super Singer also should stop this nonsense. This was worst and degrading. From the beginning he was only wanting to hookup with Priyanka. Moreover what qualification he has for Priyanka also. First he should love his wife and children. Even though he is from a poor background that was disgraced character of his when he has a wife and growing children. I do not want to say this but I would like to say this to VIJAY TV, to stop this nonsense for TRP ratings. Also, try to get some decent chairs for the Judges. It was so UGLY that red chairs and I would rather get every body a decent chairs like how you put for guests and make them sit in it. The colors were too much in the set and too much Gaudy crap.

      Also, in future don’t bring this dancers if it is needed do it. Moreover, nobody thanks these dancers. Poor thing. That’s about it.. This is my own personal opinion and I am a fan of Super Singer and this season was the best and the contestants were one of the best they have chosen. They had multiple talents and EVEN Murugan had multiple talents but his character of hooking up with another mans wife was disgraceful in this season. Hoping to watch many more great seasons.

      • I thing you better stop watching supper singer or any reality show. U are full of comments u don not know how to take a joke. U blow up a small problem until it explode

      • Very well said; it’s so awful and horrible to those cheap flirting around. Anchor was a bit over all the time and quite irritating those two. If that guy is poor then how on earth he’ll be flirting and acting so cheap?

  3. Atleast ₹ 1 lakh Canbe given to Gowtham. All the finalists must get some prize money . Then everyone will be happy. It will be a boost for all.So I request you to consider from next season.

  4. ஐயா. ஐந்து பேரில் 4 பேர் வெற்றி பெற்று இருப்பது மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சி. ஐந்தாவது பேரான கௌதமிற்கு ஆறுதல் பரிசு கொடுத்திருந்தால் இன்னும் மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருந்திக்கும். நன்றி.

  5. Morgan sir I love you…! I am happy to see you winning…! I am proud of you…! Great to hear from you music and song….!

  6. As usual empethatical result…. They don’t see actual talent but the sad family background. Punya, Gowtham are all deserving contestants. Murugan just made a play instead of singing and won empathy votes. Loosing interest in this show.

  7. முருகன் வெற்றி பெற முழு தகுதி படைத்தவர் என்பதில் ஐயமில்லை. அவருக்கு எதிராக பதிவிட்டவர்கள் எதிர்மறை எண்ணங்களை கொண்டவர்களாகதமான் இருக்க முடியும்.

  8. ஒவ்வொரு இந்திய தமிழ் உள்ளங்களுக்கும் புண்ணியாவின் திறமை எப்படி இருந்ததென்பது தெரிந்திருக்கும். ஒவ்வொரு தடவை புண்ணிய
    பா டும்போதும் அவருக்கு நீதிபதிகளால் வழங்கியிருந்த பாராட்டுகளையும் அறிவுரைகளையும் கேட்டு பாருங்கள். உண்மையான வெற்றியாளர் புண்ணியாதான் என்பது அனைவருக்கும் தெரியும். புண்ணியா இந்திய தமிழ் பெண்ணாக இருந்திருந்தால் கதையே வேற. அனிருத் சாம் விஷாலுக்கும் புண்ணியாவிற்கும் பாடுவதற்கு வாய்ப்பு கொடுத்ததே அவரது மனச் சாட்ச்சி இந்த முடிவை ஏற்க வில்லையென்பதே காரணமாகும். புண்ணியா உன்திறமைக்கு என்றும் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  9. Yes Punya deserves better than 3rd price. Punya doesn’t need a money. She only came to this saw for recognition . They should announce for 2 first place winner and give the house to Murugan

  10. Punya deserves the title.. it’s true that murugan is struggling in his life.. this isn’t a charity show.. what’s the purpose of a competition if the winner is selected according to their background and not their talent.. ithukku paer vetri illa.. pitchai.. that’s I stop watching this show long ago.. my foot..


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