Super Singer 7 Finale Voting Results 9th November – Can Sam-Vishal win Super Singer Title?

super singer 7 top 5 finalists

One more day to go for Super Singer 7 finale as the top five contestants are gearing up to give their final best performance to gain maximum votes during finale. Vijay Tv has ensured that voting lines will be opened till Sunday 10th November 8 PM as audience can keep voting till then. This is to make sure they get maximum time to vote and each day a person can give upto 50 votes.

These are the top 5 contestants waiting for your vote – Sam-Vishal, Murugan, Punya, Vikram and Gowtham. The winner of Super Singer finale will get a chance to sing in Music Director Anirudh composition and a house worth 85 lakhs by Arun Excello.

Super Singer Finale Voting Results November 9 – Sam-Vishal can still win Super Singer Finale Title

Super Singer finale voting results as of Saturday 9th November 2019 7:30 am
This is the voting result analysed with our poll and various super singer polls across online and the results are consolidated

  • Sam-Vishal fans can stay positive as their favourite singer still has the opportunity to win Finale. He trails by 8% vote which is equal to around 9000 votes and if 200 fans of Sam-Vishal give him 50 votes it’s still possible for him to win title.
  • Murugan is leading voting with 39% votes and looks strong to win Super Singer Title
  • Some polls are saying Punya is at number 2 while there are polls saying Vikram has overtaken Punya to get into top 3. But we find that Punya is still in top 3 with 12% vote
  • Vikram is at no. 4 with 11% vote and has chance to get into top 3. Vikram fans keep voting.
  • Gowtham is still trailing behind Vikram with a 8% vote share

    How To Vote For The Super Singer Finale Contestants Online

    • Go to Google, sign in and search for ‘Super Singer Vote’ (or) ‘Super Singer 7 Vote‘
    • Click on the candidate for who you wish to vote.
    • Select the number of votes (maximum of 50 votes per day).
    • Click Submit.
    • Your votes will be successfully submitted to Star Vijay TV.

    Voting in The News Crunch Poll:
    Alternatively vote in our voting poll to get results on who will win the Super Singer 7 finals

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    1. Super singer 7.Punniya is best singer.i think she has fantastic and excelent singer.I vote daily 50 votes to.her.Congratulations Punniya.all the best.

    2. முருகன் ஒரு பிறவி பாடகர் முருகன் தான்வெவெற்றியாளர்வாவாழ்த்துக்கள் முருகன்

    3. முருகன் தான் வெற்றியாளர் வாழ்த்துக்கள் முருகன்

    4. Punya is the real winner all knows 2nd is vikram but I’m also going to vote murugan we know murugan going to win bcs of his family situation all going to vote for murugan

    5. My vote is for murugan. Regardless of his background status he has a more mature captivating voice. His hard work tough journey makes him more deserverable to win.

    6. முருகன் மிக அருமையான பாடகர் வெற்றி பெற வாழ்த்துக்கள்


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