Super Deluxe Redefines the Outlook of Tamil Cinema


Vijay Sethupathi starrer Super Deluxe has woken up to raving reviews in India and abroad.

When it comes to Tamizh Cinema there are quite a lot of movies that you leave out the door, some movies to keep it to your heart and there are movies that you embrace with all your heart and say Kudos to the team for some excellent piece of work. When Thiyagarajan Kumararaja Directs a movie you can be sure that Thamizh cinema will never be the same again.

An Eccentric yet interesting storyline comfortably resting on a well architected screenplay. The scene in which the cute little boy (Ashwanth Ashokkumar) playing ‘Rasukutti’ casually delivers the performance heavy scenes deserves applause. Every dialogue has been carefully sculpted to ensure coherence and satirical humor. Some of the dialogues about Caste and government will remind you about ‘Cho Ramaswamy’ in ’thuglaq’ and Visu in ‘Kudumbam oru Kadhambam’.The Colors with the camera did set an apt tone to the narrative. The idea to use the evergreen songs by illiyaraja was a risky move that has worked tremendously well. The first half even though a little draggy set a firm premise.

The most important factor that has contributed to the powerful screenplay is the unorthodox casting. The director has clearly put his stakes on the fresh faces Vijay Ram – Gaaji , Naveen – Soori, Jeyanth – Mohan, Noble K. James – Vasanth (Mutta Pupps) and they have delivered. I just hope the industry welcomes these talents with good scripts in the future. ‘Bhaks’ wore the antagonist hat for the first time and it fits him like a glove – a notable performance. Mysskin’s performance was my second favorite in the movie. A stunning performance as ‘Arputham’ carefully laughing at the faces of the extremist religious society will leave an impact when you leave the theaters. The renowned actors Fahad Fasil , Ramya Krishnan and Samantha have given a neat performance.

Cinema apart from being the source of entertainment should definitely take part in uplifting the society. Especially in a country like India that lives in diversity Cinema should provide something more than just entertainment. Following the footsteps of ‘Kurrathi Magan’ in 1972 which really played a great role in noticing the problems faced by the ‘Kuravar’ community, this movie through the Character of ‘Shilpa’ could be an eye opener for the transgender community. Respects to Vijay Sethupathy who has carried the role of a transgender to perfection. It is only fair to say that he has reached the ‘Stalwart’ status in Thamizh cinema. The casual conversation between ‘Rasukutty’ and ‘Shilpa’ casually answers a lot of questions about a transgender to general public.

Thiyagarajan Kumararaja’s movies will be a delight to those who love the minute detailing in the movie. Right from the Paan combination that is famous among the transgender community to capsuling the movie’s theme on a thirukural in the school black board the detailing was top notch.

In a nutshell, the audience of Tamizh cinema request the film industry to make more movies like this so that, the bigger lot that thinks thamizh cimena is just a bunch of amateurs who package shit and sell to the audience give a second thought.

தெய்வத்தான் ஆகா தெனினும் முயற்சிதன்

மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும்.

Fan Review Courtesy : Ranjan V


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