Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner, Runner-up and Top 3 Finalists Revealed Ahead of Super Finale Voting?

super dancer chapter 4 winner

Super Dancer Chapter 4 is all set to reveal the winner, runner-up and top 3 finalists during the Super Finale today. The grand dance reality show will draw its curtains during the ‘Super Finale’ on the 9th of October 2021. After multiple eliminations during the semi-final rounds, Super Dancer Chapter 4’s top 5 finalists are revealed.

Super Dancer Chapter 4’s judges Arindam Bose, Shilpa Shetty, and Geetha Master will witness a stiff competition ahead of the finalists’ performances in Super Dancer Chapter 4. Soumit Barman and Ankita Rajput were eliminated from the finalists’ race after which the top 5 finalists are revealed.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Finalists

Sr No. Contestant Name Super Guru Status Prize Money
1 Florina Gogoi Tushar Winner TBA
2 Pruthviraj Kongari Shubhranil Finalist TBA
3 Neerja Tiwari Bhawna Finalist TBA
4 Esha Mishra Ashish Finalist TBA
5 Sanchit Channa Vartika Finalist TBA


Super Dancer Chapter 4 Special Guests – 9th October 2021 Super Finale Episode

Terence Lewis, Raghav and Badshah will grace the Super Dancer Chapter 4’s epic finale performances. While the top 5 finalists of Super Dancer Chapter 4 brace for the biggest moment of their lives, the special performances will light up the Super Finale with sixty odd performances.

The Navaratri special episode will also add spice to the entertainment factor for the Super Dancer Chapter 4 audience. Judge Shilpa Shetty’s special performance as ‘Jal Maatha’ is all set to woo the contestants, judges and audience. There is no doubt why Super Dancer 4’s super finale is termed as ‘Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav’.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner

Florina Gogoi and Tushar Shetty is the winner of Super Dancer Chapter 4.


Super Dancer Chapter 4 Runner-Up

Sanchit is the runner-up of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Second Runner-Up



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