Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super 10 Elimination Voting: 25th & 26th September Poonam & Padmini Special


Super Dancer Chapter 4 is back this weekend with a sensational bunch of novel performances from the ‘Super 8’ contestants. Sony TV’s electrifying dance reality show featured special guest Bollywod damsels Poonam Dhillam and Padmini will grace the stage this week. Last week’s double elimination of Super Dancer Chapter 4 spiced up proceedings as the top 8 was announced. The audience looks forward to the next elimination in Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Five eliminations took place in Super Dancer Chapter 4 so far. However, there are high possibilities of the sixth elimination taking place this week as the Super 8 is announced. The judges Shilpa Shetty, Geetha Master, and Arindam Bose will eventually get into the critical task of eliminating one of the talented dancers from the show. However, the audience is focused to find out the best performances for this week as the voting lines open for elimination.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 September 25th & 26th Episode –  Poonam/Padmini Special Episode Performances Voting

Super Dancer Anshika’s mesmerizing performance set the standards high for one of the most loved performances. Super Dancer Anshika and Guru Manan chalked out an amazing performance for the song. Special guests and the judges accoladed the duo for their performance.

However, the resurgence of Sanchit spices up the performances of this week. The trending contestants Sanchit and Guru Vartika stood out as usual duo’s performance this week lit up the proceedings of Super Dancer Chapter 4. Sanchit received accolades for his performance this weekend for ‘Tu Tu Hai Vahi’. However, it would be interesting to see if Sanchit and Anshika will be safe this week.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination Updates

The elimination process commenced in Super Dancer Chapter 4 a few weeks ago. However, the competitive spirit is peaking at the right time as the voting process commenced. Hence, the audience is looking forward to the sixth elimination of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Pratiti and Arshiya were eliminated last weekend. According to reports, Pari Tamang is eliminated this weekend.

It will be interesting to see how this weekend’s performances shape up the voting for the top 8 contestants. However, the suspense will be revealed in Sunday’s episode.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination List

  • Amit Kumar
  • Sprihaa
  • Aneesh

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Top Contestants/Potential Finalists

The popularity and stunning talent of Esha, Neerja, Arshiya, and Pratiti could take them to the finals of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

  • Esha
  • Neerja
  • Arshiya
  • Pratiti

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination Online Voting

The voting results of Super Dancer Chapter 4 will feature an online voting process to support the best performers of this week. The audience can vote for their favorite contestant of Super Dancer Chapter 4 using the following online voting method:

  • The voting lines of Super Dancer Chapter 4 will be open from 8 PM IST to 12 Midnight.
  • The audience can access the voting link from the following website:
  • Click on the ‘Vote Now’ button.
  • You can log in using the ‘Google’ or ‘Facebook’ account.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the favorite contestant and click vote.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super 7 Contestants

Super Dancer 4 will announce its top 7 contestants this weekend. There were 13 contestants participating in the show at the moment. However, it would be tough to see the exit of one or two contestants towards the closure of this weekend’s special episodes.

Sr No. Contestant Name Age From Super Guru Status
1 Pratiti Das 10 Howrah Shweta Eliminated
(12th September 2021)
2 Amit Kumar 11 Delhi Amardeep Eliminated
(12th September 2021)
3 Soumit Burman 7 Siliguri Vaibhav In Top 7
4 Sprihaa Kashyap 7 Assam Sanam Eliminated
(12th September 2021)
5 Florina Gogoi 6 Assam Tushar In Top 7
6 Arshiya Sharma 10 Jammu Anuradha Eliminated
(19th September 2021)
7 Pruthviraj Kongari 9 Karnataka Shubhranil In Top 7
8 Neerja Tiwari 8 Madhya Pradesh Bhawna In Top 7
9 Esha Mishra 8 Delhi Ashish In Top 7
10 Pari Tamang 5 Siliguri Pankaj Eliminated
11 Sanchit Channa 10 Jalandhar Vartika In Top 7
12 Aneesh Tattikota 9 Mumbai Akash Eliminated
(12th September 2021)
13 Anshika Rajput 11 Madhya Pradesh Aryan In Top 7



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