Super Dancer Chapter 4 May 15th and 16th Eliminations: Folk Fusion Special Episode & Elimination Updates!


The TRP busting kids’ dance reality show, Super Dancer Chapter 4 is back this weekend. The electrifying performances of the top 13 dancers of Super Dancer Chapter 4 took place last week. Special guests Sachin Pilgaonkar and Supriya will be grace the Folk fusion special weekend on Saturday’s episode (15th of May). The super 13 contestants have setup the tone for a competitive and talented set of performances for this edition of Super Dance. The judges’ Malaika, Geetha, and Arindam are ready for the journey this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super 13 Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Age From Super Guru Current Status
1 Pratiti Das 10 Howrah Shweta Active
2 Amit Kumar 11 Delhi Amardeep Active
3 Soumit Burman 7 Siliguri Vaibhav Active
4 Sprihaa Kashyap 7 Assam Sanam Active
5 Florina Gogoi 6 Assam Tushar Active
6 Arshiya Sharma 10 Jammu Anuradha Active
7 Pruthviraj Kongari 9 Karnataka Shubhranil Active
8 Neerja Tiwari 8 Madhya Pradesh Bhawna Active
9 Esha Mishra 8 Delhi Ashish Active
10 Pari Tamang 5 Siliguri Pankaj Active
11 Sanchit Channa 10 Jalandhar Vartika Active
12 Aneesh Tattikota 9 Mumbai Akash Active
13 Anshika Rajput 11 Madhya Pradesh Aryan Active

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Grand Premiere Best Performances

Super 13 contestant, Florina, and her guru Tushar give an awesome performance for which has the judges in surprise. Florina received special accolades from guest Sachin who was genuinely amazed by her performance. Tushar is doing an amazing job this season.

Aneesh and his Super Guru Akash chalked up an incredible choreography for the ‘tiger dance’ folk rendition. Super Dancer Chapter 4 witnessed the sensational performance of classic dance from the duo last week.

There will be 12 super gurus to guide the talented dancers this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super Gurus List

Sr no. Super Guru Name
1 Bhawna Khanduja
2 Aryan Patra
3 Shweta Warrier
4 Vaibhav Ghuge
5 Akash Shetty
6 Sanam Johar
7 Amardeep Singh Natt
8 Pankaj Thapa
9 Anuradha Iyengar
10 Vartika Jha
11 Tushar Shetty
12 Shubranil Paul

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination Updates

No contestants were eliminated from the reality show so far. However, the upcoming weeks will feature eliminations.


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