Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination: 14th & 15th August 75 Dance Styles Special, First Elimination This Week?


Super Dancer Chapter 4 is back this weekend with an interesting set of performances from the ‘Super 13’ contestants. Sony TV’s electrifying dance reality show featured Moushmi and Sonali Bendre last week while Super Dancer Chapter 4 will host top celebrities, Jackie Shroff and Sangita Bijlani. The first elimination of Super Dancer Chapter 4 is a bone of contention for the audience this weekend.

No eliminations took place in Super Dancer Chapter 4 so far. However, there are high chances of the first elimination taking place this week. The judges Shilpa Shetty, and Arindam Bose will eventually get into the nerve-wracking task of eliminating some talented dancers from the show. However, the audience is interested to find out the special performances for this week. Geetha master will be absent from this weekend’s episodes.

The 75 Dance Style special episodes on Super Dancer Chapter 4 guarantees variety and a series of enriching performances for the audience as well as the special guests.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 August 14th & 15th Episode –  Sangita/Jackie Shroff Special Episode Performances

Among the most trending dance renditions of this week, Super Dancer Aneesh was among the best in his Super Dancer Chapter 4’s contestant’s performance for one of Jackie’s songs got him highly impressed. His ‘super guru’ Akash looks like a tough contender to take Aneesh to greater heights. Aneesh killed it with disco style of dancing this weekend.

However, the resurgence of Soumit spices up the performances of this week. The trending contestants Soumit and Vaibhav stood out as usual but the duo’s Bhangra-Tollywood style fusion lit up the proceedings of Super Dancer Chapter 4. Soumit and his Super Guru Vaibhav amazed the audience with a heart-wrenching performance this weekend. .

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination Updates

The elimination process is yet to commence in Super Dancer Chapter 4. However, the competitive spirit is peaking at the right time. Hence, the audience is looking forward to the first elimination of Super Dancer Chapter 4. The production team is already short of one contestant and hence, eliminations are yet to start featuring in the reality show.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Top Contestants/Potential Finalists

The popularity and stunning talent of Esha, Neerja, Arshiya, and Pratiti could take them to the finals of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

  • Esha
  • Neerja
  • Arshiya
  • Pratiti


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