Super Dancer Chapter 4 April 24th and 25th Episode: Grand Premiere, Top 13 Contestants & Super Gurus List & Elimination Updates!

Super-Dancer-Chapter-4 grand premiere 24th april contestants list elimination

The electrifying kids’ dance reality show, Super Dancer Chapter 4 is back this weekend. The Grand Premiere of Super Dancer Chapter 4 will take place on Saturday’s episode (24th of April). The super 13 contestants will pave the way for a gripping season filled with awesome performances. The judges Shilpa, Geetha, and Arindam are ready for the journey this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super 13 Contestants List

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Grand Premiere Best Performances

Super 13 contestants, Neerja and Bhawna give an enthralling performance which has the judges in surprise. Soumit continues to be a top entertainer this season and his Super guru Vaibhav is making the most of his talent.

Shilpa Shetty gave a ‘Super Se Upar’ salute for a couple of performances with her signature ladder. Super Dancer Chapter 4 witnessed the electrifying performance of techno dance by Amit and his Super Guru Amardeep.

There will be 12 super gurus to guide the talented dancers this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super Gurus List

Sr no. Super Guru Name
1 Bhawna Khanduja
2 Aryan Patra
3 Shweta Warrier
4 Vaibhav Ghuge
5 Akash Shetty
6 Sanam Johar
7 Amardeep Singh Natt
8 Pankaj Thapa
9 Anuradha Iyengar
10 Vartika Jha
11 Tushar Shetty
12 Shubranil Paul

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination Updates

No contestants were eliminated from the reality show so far. However, the upcoming weeks will feature eliminations.


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