Super Dancer Chapter 4 April 17th and 18th Episode: Grand Premiere, Top 13 Contestants & Super Gurus List & Elimination Updates!


The promising dance reality show, Super Dancer Chapter 4 is back this weekend. The Grand Premiere of Super Dancer Chapter 4 will take place on Saturday’s episode. The best contestants will pave the way for a riveting season filled with amazing performances. The judges Shilpa, Geetha, and Arindam are ready for the journey this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super 13 Contestants List

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Final Auditions Best Performances

Super 12 contestant, Soumit gives an enthralling performance of ‘Deva Sriganesha’ which has the judges in surprise. Soumit will be an excellent entertainer this season and his Super guru Vaibhav is making the most of his talent.

Shilpa Shetty gave a ‘Super Se Upar’ salute for Spriha’s performance with her Super Guru Sanam. Her performance of ‘Ishaqzaade’ was loved by all and is one of the best performances of the Grand premiere of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

There will be 12 super gurus to guide the talented dancers this season.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Super Gurus List

Sr no. Super Guru Name
1 Bhawna Khanduja
2 Aryan Patra
3 Shweta Warrier
4 Vaibhav Ghuge
5 Akash Shetty
6 Sanam Johar
7 Amardeep Singh Natt
8 Pankaj Thapa
9 Anuradha Iyengar
10 Vartika Jha
11 Tushar Shetty
12 Shubranil Paul




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