Sujith Wilson’s dance video will move your hearts to tears, check them out

sujith wilson dance video

Two-year-old Surjith is in everyone in Tamil Nadu’s prayers as he fights the battle for survival for the past seventy hours after falling into a nearly 100 feet hole dug up for borewells. Rescue operations at the spot in Nadukkattupatti is happening at full swing as they have bored till 60ft so far and efforts are taken to save Surjith in the next 12 hours.

Meanwhile, a video of Surjith dancing gaily has hit the internet and considering the situation, it wrenches the heart and forces thoughts back towards him and his dire situation. Newsglitz has also added another clip to the video in which a two-year-old boy watching Surjith’s rescue on a news channel is urging his father to take him the spot so that he can help and the little one is so anxious for his fellow human’s safety. We are living in times where hatred is being spread online but these two-year-olds sure teach elders about humanity and love for one another.


  1. Im saddened by the news that Baby Sujith has left us.The question is how come the technology used to rescue isnt an advanced one ? Plan B ?

  2. I’ve been looking every hour all day and I can’t believe what I’ve just read. I’m so sorry for his family. Such a tragedy. I’m heartbroken for his family. God bless Sujith ???


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