Sujith rescue operation live updates – 1 metre hole drilled upto 60 metres, Update on Sujith’s health status

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
It’s 8:15pm on Monday 28th October 2019 and operation to rescue Sujith is in full swing with complete focus from State and Central Government of India in this operation. Three rig machines are working continuously in tandem to remove the hard rocks to create a 1 metre hole for the rescue team to get into as deep as 98ft to rescue Sujith.

As of now 60ft is dug by the rig machines and they’re trying to increase the speed of digging process by creating 6inch bores inside that 1 metre pit. As the rocks are too hard to break various methods are implemented and safety of Surjith is also take into consideration while drilling these holes, if they do it any faster there may be more mud slides on Sujith in the adjacent bore where he is stuck.

Air fillers are used to clean the top surface where Sujith is stuck and he is held at 88ft with the help of Airlock system. Sujith body temperature is monitored using Thermal sensors which determines the life status with the help of body temperature and oxygen is supplied constantly to ensure he can breathe inside the pit. Now Sujith is stuck inside the bore for more than three days without food and water, medical team is too much concerned about this.

But there are instances and miracles where a kid has survived without food and water for upto four days. So the medical team is hoping that Sujith survives with his will power and being a two year old child this would be a big task. Let’s hope they complete this task by tonight. Share your thoughts and prayers in the comment section below.


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