Sujith Rescue Live Updates – Press conference by Revenue Commissioner Radhakrishnan, Child is being monitored with Thermal Sensors, it may take 12 more hours

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Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
Another update from the rescue spot with Press conference by Revenue commissioner RadhaKrishnan. He explained what are the difficulties they’re facing while drilling through the hard rocks, he even confirmed that this is one of the hardest rocks that the powerful L & T machines has ever dug. He said it may take 12 more hours to complete the drilling alone as every hour they’re not able to do dig more than 30 to 40 centimetres.

When asked if this method would be abandoned he assured that nothing of that sort is decided and the drilling work will go on until they reach the desired depth. He was then asked how deep was the borewell where the Child is stuck, he said it’s around 850ft but they have it covered with sand 5 years ago as it became non functional. He affirmed that the child is stuck around 88 ft.

He also affirmed that oxygen is supplied for the child and the child is held with airlock method at that level. When asked why they haven’t used small boring machine which was used to drill where the child fell, he said that would involve multiple bores and would take days compared to this method as they need a bigger hold for men to enter to rescue the child.

It’s raining in the rescue spot and he assured all measures are taken to continue work during rain and a shelter is established to prevent water from entering the bore where the child is stuck. All the other authorities related to the operation were present during this conference. They haven’t given up hope and still pursuing to rescue Surjith. Comment below your thoughts and prayers, subscribe to our news channel for new updates!!


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