Sujith Live Updates – Started to rain in the rescue area, Surjith life in critical condition, Rescue operations in full swing

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Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
It’s unfortunate to know that it has started to rain in the rescue area where Surjith is stuck inside the borewell. The adjacent borewell digging process is still continuing but the pace at which it’s going appears to have slowed down due to the rocks underneath which makes it difficult to drill.

Adding to the woes is rain which is coming down heavily in that rescue operation area, though Surjith’s bore is well protected with shelter, the other bore where digging is performed is not protected and no measures are taken to remove water from that bore if it rains heavily and spoils the drilling process.

The new rig machine which is three times as powerful as the existing ones have arrived and assembling of that unit is in progress as it can save those critical few hours by drilling the rocks even more faster.

Surjith’s present condition

Surjith’s condition appears to be critical as it’s more than 48 hours and the 2-yr old kid without water and food for such a long time. But emergency ambulance is ready to transport as soon as he gets rescued and government hospital with full facilities is just 12 kilometres hence doctors are hopeful of saving him if he gets rescued in the next few hours.

Surjith is still getting oxygen from the cylinder and his hands are airlocked to prevent him from falling down further. The authorities with ministers are having a meeting to discuss about rain and what action can be taken if it rains heavily. Let’s all pray for Surjith’s rescue operation. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. He will be saved. when humans work together for a noble goal under the blessings and power of god, they can’t and don’t fail..


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