Sujith Live Updates – No Updated on Surjith’s life status, Rocks are too hard to drill, Alternate methods are discussed

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
Honourable Minister Vijaya Bhaskar gave a press interview now at 9:15am on Monday 28th October, 2019. He has confirmed that even the new powerful Rig machine is not able to dig through the rocks as it’s too hard. It was expected to soften after 40-ft but it has not and the teeth of drill bit is getting broken every few inches. Hence it’s going to be too difficult to proceed further with this method.

When asked about Child’s life status, Minster said we haven’t checked after yesterday morning as there is 1 inch thick of mud covered around him and hence his life status after yesterday couldn’t be monitored. He further added that they’re doing their best with rescue operation.


Chief of all teams are assembled to discuss further on how this operation can be carried out. Final procedure will be updated shortly. Also new blades which are much more stronger are arriving from Chennai which will be used as last resort. They’re moving the entire operations at war-front mode but nature is not allowing them to proceed with hindrances in the form of rocks.

Stay tuned for more updates. Please pray for Surjith’s safety and share your prayers, views in the comment section below.


  1. They would have get the help from china
    Hence they have well equipped team than india
    However we need to rescue the baby alive
    As a father i know the pain of the parents
    It might be a news for someone but its a real pain for whole parents those who are loving their children
    Hope he will be alright
    God bless you my dearest baby surjith
    Im waiting for you my son

  2. Please save him soon as he was a 2 year baby how could he survive for more than 2 days. So please get an immediate help from the ary or nearer state. Please it is really a serious matter, it the life of a baby response it quickly

  3. அல்லா, யேசு, புத்தன் நீங்கள் அத்தனை பேரும் சும்மா இருப்பது முறையே அல்ல காப்பாத்துங்கோ.
    சின்னஞ்சிறுவனைக் காப்பாத்துங்கோ.

    பரமேஸ்வரனே பரம்பொருளே நீவிர் சிவனே என்றிருப்பதும் முறையோ
    பிஞ்சுப் பாலனைக் காப்பாத்துங்கோ.

    அண்டமெல்லாம் காக்கும் அகிலாண்டேஸ்வரியே, புவனேஸ்வரியே உன் சக்தி எங்கே போனதம்மா. உன் பிள்ளை அவனைக் காப்பாத்து!

    கந்த சஷ்டியில் விரதம் இருப்பவர்க்கெல்லாம் பலன்தரும் பழனி முருகா நீயும் குழந்தையே, இந்தக் குழந்தையை பாராமுகமாய் இருக்க உன் மனம் எப்படி பாறையாய் போனது அத்தனை பாறைகளையும் தகர்த்தெறிய உனக்கொரு கணமே போதும், காப்பாத்து!

    காக்க காக்க கனகவேல் காக்க,
    நோக்க நோக்க நொடியினில் நோக்க நீ ஏன் மறந்தாயோ.
    எம் நெஞ்சம் கனக்க காத்திருக்கிறோம் பதில் தாராயோ!

  4. I beg to all the public to be more careful by safely closing unused borewells at the earliest possible. We can surely make Surjith to be the last child in the world to be getting caught in such a way. I beg elders to be more responsible and careful in protecting many more Surjiths all over the world

  5. Please try to rescue the baby from bore well, as a father i can’t able to digest this type of tragedy, god will give him strength to baby as well as parents, still india not developed their technologies, try to learn from china, they are also high populated country but they are well developed in all field than us.

  6. I think he is going to die. No child can survive three days without food and water… I hope I’m wrong . As adults we can but as children they don’t have that fat on their body to survive…

  7. What r u doing.. Don’t wast time.. U almost reached the moon.. But can’t dig 100ft.. From srilanka I am waiting for a good news.. Please save this child..


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