Sujith Live Updates – New Rig Machine Drilling in Progress, Deputy CM OPS has assured everything is done to rescue the child alive

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
The new Rig machine which is three times faster than the old one started its operation around 12am Monday 28th October, 2019. THe new Rig machine which is usually capable of drilling 10 ft, an hour unfortunately is struggling to drill through these rocks. The blades gets blunt easily and they have to keep fixing it before restarting the process again.
Update 28th October 9:30 Am – Drilling machine struggling to drill through tough rocks, Sujith Life status is not known

Deputy CM OPS visited Nedunkattupatti to oversee the rescue operations, then he met the press to give updates on the rescue operation. This press meet took place 6 hour ago and the official drilling status at that time was 38ft. He assured that everything is done in war-front mode to save the child and also assured that actions will be taken to close all unattended borewells throughout Tamil Nadu.


When enquired about Surjith’s health status he said that five ambulance fully equipped is ready to save him and a medical camp with team of doctors is montoring Surjith, as of now there is no movement from him and he is stuck at 88ft. Oxygen is being supplied without any hindrance and he says we should hope for the best.

Now the new Rig machine is refuelled and the drilling process is still continuing at a rapid pace. We expect that more than 50ft is dug till now, though there are no official confirmations on that. The new rig machine is in operations for past 6 hours. The 7-person team who are ready to get into the borewell is undergoing training and procedure on how to do a sideway drill and how to rescue the kid once the drilling is done. Stay tuned for updates!! Let’s pray for Surjith’s safe recovery, comment below your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Why do you build Amma Valaivu, mgr bus stand, you cant even save a life. You don’t even care for the people and their lives….you have renovated entire omr when pm visited Chennai, where is that speed….remember karma will not leave you….you will feel the agony of injustice, oppression, and corruption at the time of death….just like the boy feeling helplessness you will fell the same soon by God..shame on you Tamilnadu government…

    • First the owner of the borewell shoukd be shamed to keep the borewell uncapped secondly the childs parent shoukd be shamed to leave the child so carelessly wen they know there is a borewell uncaped.. Stop blaming others

  2. Please save the boy….please….
    Give the best of all of yours hard work….
    Those who working hard to save the baby all your efforts will be paid off by GOD….

    • Amen. God will surely forgive all your past sins, Please help that boy with full hearted to come out alive. Let him see his mother back. Let him see Still Humanity not died amoung us.

      Almighty God, We know there is nothing mighty than you or your creation. We can not do any thing without your full support and will. Please bless the small kid and show your miracle to that kid and the entire humanity. Amen Father God.

  3. Can they use the robot hands to tie the boys hands separately and pull him up to some distance till the robot hand can grab him instead of drilling the rocks??

  4. Why always blame government for all. Think wisely. This is individual responsible. Those who dig the borewell should closed it properly. Public who living there should lodge or voice out for the respective department to take action for abondoned borewell to avoid this kind of tragedies. Please act on the precaution moving forward!

  5. I have a small but sensible doubt..
    Had it be a kid of some VIP will the same rescue plan be carried on, that too for these many days..
    Life is not given importance…
    My prayers for him…Poor parents….
    with so many such inceidents with so many kids lives lost,still no prompt rescue plan formulated…Shame on us…

  6. I saw A similar incident they send slim girl and she care(took Out the kid whom stuck) the kid out but myby not that deep if they can do this ?
    Noora from qatar

  7. Hi,
    Please read carefully and pass this information on a possible way to rescue him on time…
    Items needed: Vaccum extractor with controllable pressure
    ————— Extended cord enough to reach him
    —————– Cabled camera with same length and live feed
    ——————- soft cup size attached to the vacuum extractor end.
    attach the camera cable with light to the cord of the vauum extractor
    deep in and monitor to search for the babe
    if found, fix the cup on his head and apply pressure with enough holding bar to his head,
    suck him up slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I have experienced this with childbirth, when the baby is stock in the genital of the mother who cant push……

    reason why drilling is dangerous,
    the distance between the initial drill to the new drill must be far enough not to disturb the sand pouring further…….

  8. Dear God,,

    With you Nothing is impossible . You are in control of everything… Please help us to get our sujith Back.Protect him .

    Come back.

  9. Dear Allah,

    Bring Sujith back from Darkness to light… Show that noting is impossible when you are in control.

    Listen to our Prayers …..

    Inshah Allah

  10. God please safe the chella boy. We all want him back safely. You are the greatest. Bring him to the parents safely. We are begging you God.


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