Sujith Live Updates – Firefighter getting inside the drilled hole to test rocks, Drilling completed for 45 ft, Surjeeth is supplied with oxygen

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
It’s now Monday 28th October, 2019 12:40 pm and the rescue operation to save Surjith is still continuing in full swing. The parallel hole which is being drilled to enter is at 45ft and another 45ft is remaining. The drilling process has to be stopped as the rocks are getting harder. Hence sensor place small bombs are to be placed inside that would blast the rocks with minimal damage so that the rig machine can continue the process at a much higher pace.

Also the local bore machine which is used in that area to dig borewell has arrived to supplement this bigger machine to easen the drilling process. Deputy Chief Minister OPS is at the rescue area surveying the actions taken so far and is assuring family about their child’s rescue operations.

Also firefighter is getting into the drilled hole to place those sensor bombs and to test the rocks so that geologists can analyse how the rocks can be blasted in sideways to reach the child once they reach the considerable 93ft. Now the local rig machine is drilling and breaking those rocks allowing the powerful rig machine to get fixed as the teeth were broken due to continuous usage.

Surjith is still monitored using the thermal sensors and his head is barely visible in the camera due to mud settled on him in the hole. Efforts are taken at war-front mode to ensure Child’s safety. We will update on the rescue process as and when any progress happens. Stay tuned and comment below your prayers and thoughts.



  1. Please be fast. The child has been fasting for 3 days without any water. It is important to save his life. Please protect that innocent child

  2. Too slow..if you guys has insufficient equipment or broken it’s delaying and yet an innocent baby is fighting for his life under the mud.. People can still breath under a sand.. This is mud.. How poor that child would struggle.. Please get help from outside America or China.. They might have experts.. Please move faster without break..

  3. The careless behaviour of some person puts so much anxiety to all besides the life of an innocent child getting is in question after 3 days of fall. How can the people involved just leave such a dangerous hole uncovered or just fill some sand and leave it?

  4. Government, private or anyone Please be kind enough to do what ever it’s need to resque the child. I allso have a boy as well as same age of Surhiith and it’s painful to see what happened to surjiith.
    We all are prying for surjiith As a sri lankans

    • Ya Allah !You are the one and only one who can give protection and save the child from this.Please bring him out safely and gv him healthy long life.Aameen.?


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