Sujith Live Updates – Boring machine used to drill through rocks at multiple places, it may take 12 more hours to finish the rescue process

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Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
Another update from TheNewsCrunch team regarding Surjith’s rescue operation. It’s 3pm we still don’t have any good news for our readers as the rescue process is still in progress. Atleast they have found a method to slice through those hard rocks using the following methods. Normal boring machine (6-inch holer) is used to drill through these hard rocks inside that 1 metre hole where the rig machine drilled for 48 metres.

This normal boring machine is able to drill hole easily as they use it in such hard rock places, the challenge would be to drill multiple holes adjacent to one another so that the powerful rig machine can make the hole bigger to the tune of 1metre for the fire fighters to get inside in the rescue operation.

This may take twelve hours as the rocks are so hard and the teething of rig machine needs to be constantly changed. Twelve persons are ready to get inside the hole for rescuing the child, Surjith is supplied with oxygen regularly but his status is not know as it’s too difficult to analyse his life status at this stage.

Counselling is given to Surjith’s parents about the reality of this situation as the probability of him alive reduces as time goes by. So the rescue process is done at the maximum speed. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery, share your thoughts and prayers in the comment section below.



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