Sujith Live Update – Drilling process may take place the entire night, Child life in critical condition as it has crossed 50 hours

save sujith

Update – Sujith passed away inside the borewell, body recovered and sent for postmortem
Another update about Surjith’s rescue operation and it’s not a good one. Drilling process using the old rig machine is still in progress while the new powerful machine installation is still in progress. Since it’s a huge machine installation is a challenging procedure and it will take one more hour to make it ready for operation.

The new powerful machine will be ready to drill after that and it will make it easier to drill through rocks, cut through rocks which should reduce the operation time. It’s already more than 12 hours since the drilling process started and still only 37ft have been dug. They need dig 48ft more to perform the operation.

It’s expected that drilling may continue till tomorrow morning which means Surjith will be without water and food for more than 50 hours. This is a dangerous sign for his health says medical team. They’re closely monitoring his heat signatures but there is no other progress from him or any cry or any sound from him so far from yesterday.

Rain has stopped and this is a huge relief for rescue team as they keep working non-stop for the past 48 hours. Let’s pray for Surjith’s rescue. Share your prayers here in comment section and stay subscribed for updates!!


  1. We create tremendous number of engineers every year making millions of rupees but no degree holder has yet developed any such equipment for such a situation!! That’s the result of the greedy India creating senseless and useless youth!! Stop corrupting us!! A trillion economy with jobless and now headless people!! This isn’t the first time that this situation has arouse THEN Y NO SOLUTIONS YET!! Jai hind so proud to be an Indian ?


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