Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Answers and Walkthrough – A one Page Solution for all levels

stump me answers

Stump Me is another puzzle game which keeps our team hooked, it all started with Brain Out puzzles which our team enjoyed playing as some of the levels required a lot of help. But we cracked it and shared those answers for everyone. We got so many compliments and comments to solve the next big IQ puzzle game called Brain Puzzle. We enjoyed every bit of it and some of the levels were even more challenging than Brain Out game. Now we’re playing another puzzle game title “Stump Me! – Can you pass it?” and it keeps us hooked. This game is mind boggling so far and we had to think outside the box to solve some of the levels on which we were stuck. We have compiled answers, solutions and walkthroughs to all the levels in a single page. Thanks to Stump Me solutions page for helping us out when we were stuck in a level or two.

Stump Me Level 1
Solution: Swipe arrow left off of the screen.
Stump Me Level 2
Question: Help boy pass through the puddle.
Solution: Place girl on the puddle.
Stump Me Level 3
Question: Make the biggest burning torch.
Solution: Place all torches on top of each other.
Stump Me Level 4
Solution: Put finger on the thermometer to make it rise to body temperature.
Stump Me Level 5
Question: Clean car.
Solution: Rub car until dirt comes off.
Stump Me Level 6
Question: Hide the elephant.
Solution: Swipe elephant off screen.
Stump Me Level 7
Solution: Make girl fall in love. Move bicycle to find a Ferrari.
Stump Me Level 8
Question: Find the water.
Solution: Turn device upside down > water will poor out.
Stump Me Level 9
Solution: Place star and bottle in their silhouettes. Place diamond on star silhouette on top of star.
Stump Me Level 10
Solution: Rip money by taking it with two fingers and moving them apart.
Stump Me Level 11
Solution: To see Steve Jobs, drag Tim Cook’s hair > black line will show > place it on iPhone to make an iPhone X.
Stump Me Level 12
Question: Make the girl chase the boy.
Solution: Give boy the purse.
Stump Me Level 13
Solution: Combine blue and yellow buttons to make green.
Stump Me Level 14
Question: Defeat the monster.
Solution: Plug device into a charger > tap hero.
Stump Me Level 15
Question: Open the champagne.
Solution: Shake device to shake > tap cork to pop the champagne.
Stump Me Level 16
Question: Choose the girl to bring home.
Solution: Tap all four girls.
Stump Me Level 17
Question: Make your boyfriend stay forever.
Solution: Tap both of his legs to break them.
Stump Me Level 18
Question: Find the piggy.
Solution: Zoom in on minion to reveal a piggy tattoo.
Stump Me Level 19
Question: Compete with Dwayne Johnson before he gets to you.
Solution: Give rotein and tap green marker to become Hulk.

Stump Me Level 20
Question: Find the hidden pocket money.
Solution: Move everything. 10 behind curtains. 5 behind sofa. 50 behind button. 1 behind the wig in painting. 66 total.
Stump Me Level 21
Question: Fill in the blank.
Solution: Type R. The order is like the manual transmission.
Stump Me Level 22
Solution: Take ‘next Level” out of text and put on blank button > tap button to pass.
Stump Me Level 23
Solution: Tap red button 15 times > tap success to pass.
Stump Me Level 24
Question: Stop the noise on the upper floor.
Solution: Call (6969) and enter 609.
Stump Me Level 25
Question: Make a true equation.
Solution: Drag orange cat to box > drag five fishes to box > tap OK.
Stump Me Level 26
Question: Make the girl more beautiful.
Solution: Move wig > tap phone to take picture.
Stump Me Level 27
Question: Which money is real?
Solution: Shake device and ‘real’ will show on three of them.
Stump Me Level 28
Question: Light the lam.
Solution: Place two fingers the wires.
Stump Me Level 29
Question: Pick the different girl.
Solution: Turn device upside down > tap different underwear.
Stump Me Level 30
Question: Help the guy with constipation.
Solution: plug in your headphone.
Stump Me Level 31
Question: Beat the man who’s kicking you.
Solution: Move water bottle to his feet.
Stump Me Level 32
Question: Pass the grass.
Solution: Move rear hero behind the front hero > tap rival twice.
Stump Me Level 33
Solution: Largest possible number is 999.
Stump Me Level 34
Question: How many apples?
Solution: Shake device to make apples fall out of tree.
Stump Me Level 35
Question: Put the hat on.
Solution: Turn screen down.
Stump Me Level 36
Solution: Flashlight points left.
Stump Me Level 37
Solution: Top right one.
Stump Me Level 38
Question: Capture the star.
Solution: Tap OK when star is inside the crosshairs.
Stump Me Level 39
Question: Choose who to marry.
Solution: Give knife to guy across.
Stump Me Level 40
Solution: Order of fruits: apple, blueberry, banana. Order is: 1 fruit, 2 fruits, 3 fruits.


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