Starbucks Rs. 150 Offer 2019 – Any Short or Tall Drink for Rs. 150 with Tax on 9th November 2019

starbucks 150 rs offer 2019

The Starbucks offer of the year is back in India, it was held in 2018 with huge success as the drinks were priced at Rs. 100 irrespective of size (Tall or Short) inclusive of Tax. The same offer is back for Rs. 150 per drink (Tall or Short). Last year they had 100 stores in India and hence the drinks were priced at Rs. 100 while this year Starbucks India has 150 stores and hence the drinks are priced a little higher at Rs. 150.

This is a good deal as there are some tall drinks like “Roasted Nut and Chocolate Frappuccino” and “Blueberry Java Chip Frappuccino” price at Rs. 320 for tall size. Now these drinks can be bought at Rs. 150 which is almost half the price. There are no limits on how many drinks an individual can buy on this day.

Saturday 9th November will be the day for this offer. This offer is valid throughout the day and available throughout India. If you have never tried Starbucks then this would be the day to try their drinks at a considerably cheaper price. Are you excited about this offer? Comment below.



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