Sri Reddy controversial photo with no pants goes viral on social media

Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy, who is known for stirring controversy, is once again back in headlines, and this time, it’s for a photo she has posted on her Facebook page. Sri Reddy, who has more than 5 million followers on Facebook, has posted a photo with a tight t-shirt and no pants. She even captioned this photo ‘I wear only kid heart, no jeans.’

Fans who have seen this photo have commented a lot; some even appreciated her bold looks while others were trolling her. Sri Reddy gave a reply to these trollers and even warned them about blocking if they continue to post degrading comments on her photo.

Sri Reddy shot to fame with her explosive statements on the casting couch, which stirred a hornet’s nest in Tollywood. She spoke up about the casting couch’s existence and even made caustic remarks and accusations against several actors of the Telugu film industry.

Here are some of the controversial photos from Sri Reddy’s Twitter account:


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