Sreedevi Menon Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

sreedevi menon bigg boss

The wait is finally over as the fifth season of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss has arrived. Social media sensation Sreedevi Menon, famously known as Viber Good, has also entered the Bigg Boss house to spread good vibes. Prior to her arrival, Sreedevi was featured in the prediction list and fans were eagerly waiting to see her on the show.

Sreedevi Menon, who used to regularly review the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, expressed her excitement to explore herself in the new season. However, she also shared her fear of having some prejudices. Sreedevi is generally known for responding to social issues and her travel vlogs on social media platforms.

With the arrival of Sreedevi, the audience expects the Bigg Boss house to become even more colorful. The new season is filled with social media stars and television personalities, and fans are curious to see how they will interact with each other in the coming days.

This season of Bigg Boss is being filmed in Mumbai’s Film City, with spectators near the stage. This is the first time spectators have been allowed since the inaugural season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. With a friendly atmosphere on the first day, the audience is eagerly waiting to see how the contestants will get along and who will emerge as friends and enemies.

The Bigg Boss tasks are expected to play a crucial role in determining who will make it to the end of the show. With contestants from different cultural backgrounds, each season is a unique experience for the audience. Stay tuned to witness the drama and excitement unfold in Bigg Boss Malayalam season five.


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