Splitsvilla x4 first episode 12th November: contestants list, vote out tasks update


MTV is back again with one of the most popular shows, ” Splitsvilla” with season 14 now! This season of splitsvilla consists of various new faces who are all set to find their love interest in the show and to win! However, this time Arjun Bijlani will be the one to host the show along with Sunny Leone. This season, the theme is, “Iss Baar Pyaar Hai Samundar Paar”. 

On the 12th of November, the premier of splitsvilla season 14 is to be released and now, fans are waiting to get to know every latest update on this! And we are here with a write-up to update the fans of splitsvilla with the contestant’s list, vote list, updates on tasks, and much more! 

Splitsvilla 14:The List of Contestants 

For this season of splitsvilla, the names are as follows:-

  • Aagaz Akhtar 
  • Amir Hossein 
  • Dhruvin Busa 
  • Hamid Barkzi 
  • Honey Kamboj 
  • Joshua Chabra 
  • Justin D’Cruz 
  • Kashish Thakur 
  • Rishabh Jaiswal 
  • Sohail D 
  • Akashlina Chandra 
  • Kashish Ratnani 
  • Oviya Darnal 
  • Pema Leilani 
  • Prakshi Goyal 
  • Sakshi Dwivedi
  • Saumya Bhandari 
  • Shrea Prashad 
  • Soundous Moufakir 
  • Urfi Javed 
  • Mehak Sembhy 
  • Sakshi Shrivas 
  • Hiba Trabelssi 
  • Aradhana 

There are a total of 10 males and 10 females for this splitsvilla season 14! All of these contestants have to fight from others to find their true love interest , to stay in the house and to win the splitsvilla season 14. It is going to be very interesting for the audience to watch all these faces and their game plans! 

Splits Villa X4: Task Updates 

Today, on the date of 12th November 2022, there is going to be an episode of the introduction session for all the players in this season 14! And then, the game will continue and there are going to be so many surprises waiting for the audience to watch and these players to play! 

There are going to be two islands in season 14 of splitsvilla! One of those islands is going to be for all the females of this season and the other island is going to be for all the males of this season! The island which is for females will be known as the “isle of venus” whereas, the island which is for males will be known as the “isle of mars”! This season, the location is in the beautiful places of Goa! Any new updates will be updated to the splitsvilla fans! 



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