Splitsvilla X3 Episode 11 May 15th: Dome Session Updates, Who Will Be Eliminated in Splitsvilla 13 this week?

Splitsvilla 13 episode 11 elimination ideal match dome session

Splitsvilla X3 returns this weekend with a fiery episode. The highly electrifying episode features an interesting twist in the dome session. There will be a new ideal match in Splitsvilla 13 this week but there will also be a shocking double eviction. However, the suspense and drama around the dome session will trigger massive debates.

Splitsvilla X3 Dome Session Highlights – Who Are the Safe Contestants?

Jay and Aditi were winners of the Golden Opportunity task. Hence, they were safe this week. Vyomesh and Arushi left the Gold villa as a result of their loss. A major twist was Jay and Aditi saved four people from the dumping zone. They were:

  • Shivam
  • Riya
  • Bhoomika
  • Pallavi

As a result, seven contestants of Splitsvilla 13 were in the danger zone. Dhruv and Sapna got an opportunity to save two contestants. They were:

  • Gary
  • Samarthya

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination Updates

Out of the five contestants in danger, two contestants were going to be eliminated. The five contestants were in danger of elimination this week:

  • Devashish
  • Janvi
  • Nikita
  • Samrudhhi
  • Trevon

As a result of the cue card votes, Janvi and Devashish received the least number of votes and hence, they got eliminated from Splitsvilla 13. As a consequence of the dumping, Devashish and Janvi will enter the Wild Villa.

Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Match

Kat and Kevin were the first ideal match of Splitsvilla 13. However, Jay and Aditi took the test for the ideal match in front of the oracle this week. As a result, Jay and Aditi were the second ideal match of Splitsvilla 13.



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