Splitsvilla X3 Episode 1 6th March 2021: Task Winner and Contestants Introduction Updates for Splitsvilla 13!

splitsvilla 13 episode 1 6th march written update

Splitsvilla X3 starts this weekend and the glitzy grand premiere episode promised to be a fun-filled affair. The first episode of Splitsvilla 13 started off with a stunning introduction of sizzling Sunny Leone dressed in traditional Malayali attire. However, the male host Rann Vijay was irresistibly hot. The two hosts found an arrow each which will set the tone of the plot for the rest of the season.

Splitsvilla 13 6th March 2021 Episode Written Update: Introduction of the Female Contestants of Splitsvilla X3

The first contestant to be introduced was Kat Kristian. However, the sensation of this season, Riya Kishanchandani was the next contestant to be introduced. The female contestants got introduced one after the other. The female contestants arrived in a boat to the villa. However, the temperature was soaring as one girl after the other entered the villa. Aditi from Dehradun might turn out to be the underdog of Splitsvilla 13.

Pallak Yadav is the fiery type of contestant this season. However, the prospects of catfights are highly probable in the upcoming episodes. Bhoomika Vashist is the bold and spicy type of girl which the other girls might fear about. Azma Fallah is the cute and timid type who will be a heartthrob for the guys who like bubby girls.

Splitsvilla X3 Task Updates

The first task of Splitsvilla 13 kicked off. The girls were on a mission to find their loved ones on the show. While the option to choose casual love or true love existed, the guys were on a mission to show off their bodies. The guys were dressed as statues and the girls had to use the gold and silver arrows for the specific guys of their choice.

Arushi and Nikita were the first girls set on a mission to use their arrows. Arushi was impressed with the old school lover tag for Vyomesh Koul. Hence, she used the golden arrow for him. Ex-Roadies Revolution contestant, Kevin Alamsifar rode by the tag ‘Pune Gangsta’. Nikita used the silver arrow for Kevin and exchanged it for golden arrow.

  • Arushi used the golden arrow for Vyomesh and the silver arrow for Samarthya Gupta.
  • Nikita used the golden arrow for and the silver arrow for Kevin Alamsifar.
  • Kat Kristian used the golden arrow for Kevin.
  • Aditi used the golden arrow for Kevin.
  • Riya used her golden arrow for Nikhil Mallik.
  • Avantika used her arrow Gary Lu because he is a dancer.
  • Samruddhi gave Kevin a golden arrow as he selected her during the auditions.
  • Bhoomika gave Vyomesh a golden arrow and silver arrow to Jay Dudhane
  • Azma Fallah used her arrow for Shivam Sharma. He also received a silver arrow from Pallak.

Nikhil Malik’s bio read he cheated on his ex and he regrets it. Jay Dudhane was tagged as ‘Casanova’ and hence he struggled to get any arrows. Kevin stole the show with four golden arrows and two silver arrows.

Splitsvilla X3 Gold Villa Members

The top guys who entered the gold villa are Kevin Alamsifar and Vyomesh Koul.


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