Splitsvilla 13 20th March 2021 3rd Episode Highlights: Golden Challenge Task, First Dome, Elimination Updates!

splitsvilla x3 episode 3 20th march dome session ideal match

Splitsvilla X3 is back this weekend with its third episode. The grand premiere of Splitsvilla 13 introduced the sizzling girls and guys of this season. The second episode triggered fights and drama inside the villa. However, the limelight was on the Gold Villa couples and the controversies surrounding Vyomesh’s decision.

Splitsvilla X3 20th March Episode 3 Highlights – Golden Challenge Task Updates

The episode on the 20th of March 2021 will feature a challenge to dethrone the Gold Villa members. The third episode of Splitsvilla features the first ever dome session of Splitsvilla X3. The first competitive task of Splitsvilla X3 featured the competition between the following contestants:

  • Samarthya & Janvi vs Vyomesh and Bhoomika

The ‘coffee crush’ task started off on a competitive note. Bhoomika and Vyomesh started off well. However, Samarthya and Janvi tried to catch up with the Gold Villa couple. Janvi’s delicate nature failed to make an impact as Vyomesh and Bhoomika led all the way. A last-minute blunder from Vyomesh resulted in the milk getting waster. Hence, Samarthya and Janvi took advantage of the same. Towards, the end Vyomesh and Bhoomika managed to win the coffee date.

  • Gary & Avantika vs Nikhil and Pallak

The second challenge was to dethrone Nikhil. Nikhil and Pallak broke the cup. As a result, Gary and Avantika won the task and escaped from the danger zone for the first dome session of Splitsvilla 13.

Splitsvilla 13 Dome Session Updates

The first dome session started off with the introduction of the two-sided oracle. There is a golden oracle for genuine connections and silver oracle for compatible connections. Three girls entered the dumping zone as no guy chose them as their connections.

  • Arushi Chib
  • Azma Fallah
  • Shweta Nair

However, the golden villa couples could choose two girls. Hence, Nikhil chose Janvi while Kevin chose Riya. Riya’s connection with Shivam Sharma triggered a major fight with Riya as the bone of contention.

The golden villa couples had to choose one girl whom they will dump. Hence, Vyomesh and Bhoomika chose Bhoomika. All the contestants chose Vyomesh and Bhoomika to take the ideal match test. The strategy of Arushi was to ensure Vyomesh and Bhoomika do not become the ideal match.

However, Vyomesh and Bhoomika were not an ideal match. As a consequence, one among Vyomesh and Bhoomika will enter the silver villa. Bhoomika chose to enter the silver villa which brightened Arushi’s prospects.

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination

The fate of Riya hangs in thin air. It would be interesting to see if Shweta or Riya will be eliminated in the upcoming week of Splitsvilla X3.



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