Splitsvilla X3 13th March 2021 Episode Highlights: Fights, Gold Villa Couples in Splitsvilla 13, Ideal Match Update!s

Splitsvilla X3 13th march episode 2 ideal match

MTV Splitsvilla 13 returns with its second episode this weekend. After a glamour-filled start to this edition of Splitsvilla X3, three male contestants with the most arrows entered the Gold Villa. The game begins as the guys and girls hunt down their connections as twists and turns will sprout up.

Splitsvilla X3 Episode 2 Highlights: Gold Villa Pairs

Vyomesh, Kevin, and Nikhil got a coveted opportunity to take the girls out on a date. Kevin connected the most with Kat Kristian on his pool date. Vyomesh connected with Bhoomika and Arushi Chib. Nikhil’s date was marred by a catfight between Pallavi and Azma Fallah while Riya looked on.

The three dudes chose their favorite girl from their respective dates. The decision made by Vyomesh triggered a major spat in the house. While the villa members expected Vyomesh to take Arushi to the gold villa, a twist happened. Vyomesh chose Bhoomika as he felt his friend Samarth had a thing for Arushi. Hence, Arushi felt betrayed and cried.

This triggered a massive fight inside the house. Kevin supported Vyomesh while Shivam and Jay took the other side. The girls began fighting over Nikita and Adithi’s fight. Hence, Riya and Kat Kristian fought eventually. The game is on in Splitsvilla X3 and the fights are an indication of the same.

The audience took Vyomesh’s side as Arushi wanted to keep her options open. However, the same was applicable with Vyomesh as he chose the best fit for him amongst Bhoomikar and Arushi.

The final pairs in the Gold Villa were as follows:

  • Kevin and Kat Kristian
  • Nikhil and Pallavi
  • Vyomesh and Bhoomika

Splitsvilla X3 First Ideal Match

In the next week’s episode, the gold villa couples will stand before the oracle. The first ideal match of this season of Splitsvilla will be chosen. According to reports, Kevin and Kat Kristian are the first ideal match of Splitsvilla X3.


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